Hey, threaten me, I don’t care, but don’t piss off my brothers

Little brother Anthony (big brother to you, Gideon), the very Bovina Bloviator Blogger himself,  digs up the secret that explains why Miss O’Clay has so much free time on her hands. UPDATE: She’s substituted my name for hers on the link – this is the behavior of a 45-year old temp lawyer? Shocking, I say, it’s simply shocking!

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 4.47.50 PM


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28 responses to “Hey, threaten me, I don’t care, but don’t piss off my brothers

  1. anonymous

    Is all the staff at Crius Energy free lance? She’s listed on their web site.


  2. shoeless

    She has a “Hire Me” button, but it doesn’t say what “services” she’s offering. Is someone still [that word you didn’t call her] if you have to pay for it?

  3. Mark B.

    Did anybody also notice she can barely assemble a sentence? And using those skills apparently wrote her own Overview? Nobody at Elance noticed either…

  4. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Awww …….. I clicked the link, and CF’s “new” résumé shows up. Anyone have a screen shot or saved the page in their browser history?

    • D

      hah! She’s so childish!

      • Well I just took a screen shot of it – I do believe that she’s now edging into tortious territory. Really, this is the behavior of an associate legal counsel working on her employer’s dime? I may forward the screen shot to her boss and demand an apology!

        • Anon

          She’s not terribly clever this woman. Even though she’s posted your name, she completely missed the right hand corner user identity box. Still has her name and her elance link.

          • I sent a request to Elance asking them to take it down and I assume that’s the end of the matter. I considered contacting her boss but really – I don’t want her to lose her job over a stupid thing like this, and I know that, were I still supervising attorneys, I wouldn’t keep someone around who couldn’t keep her cool. Is “dingbat” a libelous description?

  5. Westchesterer

    Everyone makes mistakes. What do we do when we make a mistake? Maybe apologize? It would be much more civil than threatening litigation. I hope the best for everyone, including Crius shareholders.

  6. another stb 4 me

    I missed all the fun this afternoon😦
    She should have gone over to the debutante ball if she wanted some attention…

  7. burningmadolf

    What’s funny about this whole thing is that the house in question that started all this wasn’t such a bad deal for OG (maybe little expensive but…). Especially if you could buy up some of the buffer between the house and I95 and fill it with an evergreen forest. But now…. hahahaha

  8. I’m just a little worried about dating a girl who hears voices in her head calling her a slut – there’s something loose there, and I don’t mean her morals or her bra.

  9. IhateI95

    Interesting that this all started out about a comment on I95 noise. Take it from someone who has lived in Greenwich close to the Thruway for over fifteen years: IT SUCKS and it is getting worse every year. Why? It is the speeding trucks, not the cars. When semis start to travel over 60 miles an hour their tires SCREAM because they are not designed to do so. Forget about the State Police and any enforcement, they do not come down this far and the truckers know it. In fact, they use this stretch of 95 to make up for lost time before entering highly policed NY. After midnight is when the fun starts, with 500+ trucks an hour, many traveling at well over 75 MPH. Get some good windows.

  10. Anonymous

    What a moron Barbara Clay is. If you buy a house right next to I-95 or any other highway, the house has an obvious negative factor that will impact your ability to sell. To try to pretend this is not the case and threaten to sue a real estate columnist who mentions the problem in the press is asinine. To send the e-mail on her employer’s letterhead is an ethical violation for an attorney.

  11. Anonymous

    In a prior thread, Clay made reference to poster DB.

    Care to expound?

  12. Anonymous

    Dollar Bill (ious – Ed)

  13. CosHarbour

    Energetic, Efficient Contract Lawyer?

    Billing a dinky $137 per hour?
    Who self-rates their talents 8 out of 10 scale in all categories?

    B might have at the best lowered the new CF profile ratings to 1!

    That’s simply not fair play. CF is a solid 3 or 4, just kidding.

    Are we back in High School yet?

    Nonetheless, B was apparently not invited for a partnership at the legal firm, after years of learning, for reasons unknown! How sad and mean is that? Very. Very.

    Not canned! And surely not a slut!
    She’s way too stunning and and professes to work 24/7.
    Idiot maybe.

    Does the Toronto market trade after hours?
    I thrive on these faux energy listings. Trading like crazy. Call Stevie.

    Back to the original house….the ugly black appliances.
    The basement “family room” shot basement

    If possible, We would live as close as possible to Riverside YC.

    “Bingo at 4:30.”

    • Anonymous

      Bio on Crius website…. Tree hugger degrees, then sold out for Pace law school to do “complex corporate matters”….LOL.

      Barbara brings more than 15 years of legal experience to her job as Associate General Counsel, where she is responsible for assisting in the support of all aspects of the company’s legal function.
      Prior to joining Crius Energy, Barbara was Vice President, Counsel at MasterCard where she created the M&A legal function and assisted the newly formed public company to create a proper best in class Board and Governance function and SEC filing program. Prior to MasterCard, Barbara was Counsel at Boies, Schiller & Flexner in Manhattan where she concentrated on complex corporate matters, contractual issues and M&A. At Boies, she assisted her client, Caithness Energy, to win a 30-year PPA from LIPA and to build a 350-megawatt natural gas power plant in Bellport Long Island.

      Barbara earned two degrees from Rutgers University, a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences and a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences that she attained through a graduate fellowship in the Biochemical and Chemical Engineering Department. Barbara earned her J.D. at Pace Law School, with a certificate in Environmental Law.

  14. Mark B.

    So here we are at the end of four threads worth of fun with Ms. Bipolar Gawk. I’d like to say this whole exercise only adds to the reputation the Journal News thing left you with, that of a take-no-prisoners-“better not mess with Big Chris” kind of guy.
    Except she basically busted into your house, and before you could put down your Norman Rockwell needlepoint she shrieked something about houses and real estate value and noise and being a slut, and then blew her own brains out. A waste of perfectly not-so-good brains.

    You are still the baddest badass of all badasses, just no thanks to her.

  15. I think I’ll sell my investment property on East Bruce Park Avenue in the shadow RE underground. I don’t think i can handle the stress of this. Doctor told me to watch my pressure.