Off to open houses

Theme for today seems to be $4.5 million mid country – there are four of them. It will be interesting to compare them and see whether they all got it right.


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5 responses to “Off to open houses

  1. ShedLessToolMan

    OK, please report back on all of them and try not to hide any in your back pocket if they actually are priced right and attractive.. four you say? or is it really five and you are hedging yourself just in case there is one too good to be true for one of your many buyers looking in that area?

    • While it is true that I never comment on houses I think are great values until after I’ve notified my clients, it’s also true that that is a rare occurrence, especially with new listings.

  2. Anonymous

    So, what did you see/think?

  3. So then, what did you see? Or are you still notifying your clients first ?

    Btw, I totally respect you putting your clients interests ahead of your blog reader’s interests. I would do the same thing in your shoes and I was just giving you a hard time .

    • I did see some stuff worth mentioning but I was distracted by all the fun Miss Clay, Esq., provided. I’ll post on things when I return later this evening. But one correction: much as I adore my clients, it’s my interest I’m protecting as much as theirs. I want to sell houses, not fight off competition.