Okay, back to real estate, briefly


Wait! I think I hear a price cut coming!

Wait! I think I hear a price cut coming!

160 John Street is back, now asking $28.5 million for the house, the 8 acres it sits on and another four 2+  acre building lots/ horse stable stuff, for a total of 18 acres.

The whole shebang started looking for a buyer two agents ago in 2009, when it was priced at $39,500,000. That dropped to $32.5 in 2010 and then was jacked up again to $41 million in 2011 and when it still didn’t sell and a new broker was brought in, she raised the rice to $45 million. I tell you, that’s a tactic that just doesn’t work, even though your common sense says it’s bound to. A real puzzler, that.

So here it again, at its lowest price yet. Will this third time be the charm? It’s gorgeous land and depending on your feeling for Robert Lamb Hart designs, there’s a house that comes with it that you could keep. We’ll see.


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13 responses to “Okay, back to real estate, briefly

  1. Anon

    I’d tear down the unattrative and cold house but otherwise, gorgeous. The pool. The barns. The land. The location. John is one of my favorites. I would think someone would grab it quickly.

    • Well “quickly” hasn’t happened in the past four years, but maybe this new price will do it.

    • Amazing, isn’t it, that we can casually speak of razing an 11,000 15,000 sq ft house built in 1990? But that’s my assessment too.

      • Anon

        Yes, but as I see it, the house is the only thing in the way of making this easily sellable. The house is very decade specific rather than a classic, timeless design. Heck, if I were selling it, I’d tear the house down first, then market it as. Come, build our dream home on gorgeous land. Might be easier for the tearing down to be done by the seller than the buyer.

  2. anonymous

    If you build it they will come. Poor Audrey Butvay Gruss. She built it, but they didn’t come, so she sold it, and the next guy died, and now you’re tearing it down. Life can be so cruel.

  3. Sharon

    Have you heard an alcohol and drug rehabilitation group is looking at 28 Brynwood. It does look like it will sell for the $3M.

    • The great thing about rehabs is that (a) they’re incredibly profitable: $30,000 per patient per month, all covered by insurance, and (b) thanks to the ADA, they can be built anywhere – ADA trumps local zoning.
      Or that’s what I was told by a guy who runs a nationwide chain of them. If the synagogue doesn’t work out, maybe the congregation should sell the land to a meth rehab. That’ll larn ’em.

  4. anonymous

    If the don’t make it a Meth rehab they can always make it a Meth lab. Kind of looks like one already. And also very profitable.

  5. anonymous

    What did you think of 714 Lake Ave yesterday?

    • Very nice, but it’s still a 1976 house, albeit completely – from the studs out – redone/rebuilt. It
      is a different market than Brad Hvolbeck’s new listing, also in the $5.8 range, on Ridgeview, so it seems sort of irrelevant to give my opinion that Brad’s is of higher quality. Ridgeview is on an acre of land (and feels a bit less, somehow), close to town, in a neighborhood of modest homes (Echo Lane, e.g.) with an incredible quality of build. From showing this price range to clients of my own, I foresee complaints that the master bedroom and its closets are too small – not for me, certainly, but people paying this much seem to want a half-acre of closets and why not? They’re paying for it.
      Lake is in a more expensive area, on two acres, but farther from town and, while obviously very well built, not on the same level as Ridgeview. So take your choice. Brad tells me that he’s had 14 showings already, which tells you a lot about the number of buyers out there looking for super high end houses. Even if they aren’t buying, it’s nice to know they’re there.

  6. anonymous

    I agree! The owner of Lake certainly had a lot of shoes and space for them! Closet space is a huge issue. 337 North Street didn’t even have a master closet!!!! I don’t know if Ridgeview will go quickly, although its certainly convenient for a family with little girls who go to the Greenwich Academy Preschool. And, if you have a dog, it’s a great field for throwing balls.

  7. anonymous

    Also a canoe..