The larvae emerge

Okay, low hanging fruit here, but I was ever so pleased to see Greenwich Time balance its hysterical claim that we’re witnessing the end of the world as we know it with a cheery bit about grand society continuing as it always has: the Debutant Ball!

Nicole’s mother, Sabrina Forsythe, daughter of Greenwich auto magnate [that’s GT for “VW peddler” – Ed] and philanthropist Malcolm Pray, also grew up in Greenwich. Forsythe came out at three balls [she was known as “Frank” before she did – Ed]  and felt strongly that her daughters, each presented at two, continue the tradition.

“I am a true believer in legacy and passing down all the opportunities to my children that I can,” she said.

While the debutante ball was originally intended to present young women to eligible suitors for marriage, the tradition has evolved. Forsythe and her daughter agreed that networking is one of the best parts of the event.

Nicole, who is studying business atBabson College, said she appreciated the opportunity to meet important people in the New York business scene. She hopes to reconnect with them when she is looking for internships and jobs.

She also said it was fun to meet girls from different states and countries. After a weekend of rehearsals, luncheons and parties they learned about each other’s cultures and traditions.

“It was nice meeting everyone and seeing what is different from where they came from,” she said. [Like girls from Ohio, perhaps, with cow dung stuck between their toes? – Ed]

Forsythe said she has remained friends with the women she met as a debutante, many of whom had daughters at the event Dec. 29. To her, being a debutante means “understanding your place in society” and making valuable connections inNew York society.

It’s almost enough to make one hope the flood forecasters are right.


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11 responses to “The larvae emerge

  1. Former Deb Escort

    Without deb parties, where would we get to use the two-step we learned in dance class as a 12 year old? And where else can an 18 year old get all the booze he wants without getting sent to jail.
    I think you fail to see the finer attributes of the debutante balls.

  2. Anonymous

    How do they pick the pair of guys for the threesome? How goes first, the civilizan or the soldier? Inquiring minds need to know.

  3. Polly Pavel

    It is so wonderful when people’s mouths say what they are actually thinking.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I have so many questions on this I don’t know where to begin. So let’s just jump in, shall we?

    First off, who let the chick from New Canaan in? Aren’t these balls meant for high society dames? And don’t you just love it when you can get these “classy” broads to keep saying BALLS? ME TOO!!

    And what are they coming out of, besides their little prom dresses, which they drop faster than Bill Clinton drops his trousers. Why do they do it in the winter? After a prom you usually take them to Jones Beach to do the nasty like a drunken little horse shoe crab. Where do the Debs go in the winter to get their panties pounced on? Tod’s Point parking lot in a Bentley? How classy!!

    And what is with the picture of Confucius? Did he invent the Coming Out Ball? Wouldn’t surprise me. Those gooks invent everything. Actually they just steal everything, but then try and improve it. Then they either eat it, or kill it. Or have sex with it.

    Anyhows, Confucius was famous for his words of wisdom. Want to hear some? I know you do!! OK then:

    The rules of baseball are incorrect. Man with four balls cannot walk.

    Man stuck in pantry have ass in jam.

    Wise man never play leapfrog with unicorn.

    Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.

    You cannot sell dirt without stepping in mud.

    Very wise man!!
    Your Pal,

  5. another stb 4 me

    very funny Walt! interesting how the spokesperson said the event is no longer for marriage – I’ve always thought it was a venue to plot strategic divorces and collect loot from weak prenups. maybe I’m … “as Confucius say” .. jaded

  6. Life imitates art

    At least they have a sense of humor.

  7. Cobra

    Gag me with a spatula.

  8. Anonymous

    Actually, kind of like it. Coming out balls and proms were a ton of fun. Oh, the memories – right Walty? Also, admire the Prays. He of the pioneering auto dealership bearing his name, is an icon of himself, was spotted dining before the super bowl at La Crem. Drool, drool. This guy knows how to live, but doubt that a day passes he does n’t mourn the tragic accident which claimed his son. Of the Pray girls, they stand up for what they believe in and whats not to admire about that? Do not know the bookends as well, but the middle daughter is wholesome, attractive, and nice as can be. Way out of Walt’s league. The current “Pray” girls also appear to remind me of their Aunt. Good for them!

  9. Stanwich

    Why did you censor me? My comments were tame compared to what you normally say.

    • Never happened, Stan, or not intentionally. Just checked the trash barrel and there’s nothing there from you. If your comment had a couple of links it might have been automatically consigned to the spam pile by the WordPress spam filter and the trouble with that is I rarely check it for accidental consignees, because hundreds of spam messages come in every day, so sifting through them is impossible. Try again, please.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Those Fisher girls are lovely in every way.