Westchester tax refugees, or has the sub-million market extended west?


11 Hickory

11 Hickory

11 Hickory Lane, over on the Port Chester border, came on twenty-one days ago at $1.075 and already reports an accepted offer. My heavens. I don’t do much business over there – not because of deliberate choice, I just haven’t represented anyone recently who wants to live there – so I don’t follow sales activity closely. Still, this quick sale surprises me, which is no doubt due to my ignorance. But my initial reaction is, “a million bucks? Are you friggin’ kidding me??!!”


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17 responses to “Westchester tax refugees, or has the sub-million market extended west?

  1. Anonymous

    Pemberwick is the new Riverside.

  2. Stanwich

    That is quite a strong price. I didn’t know they got that high in that neighborhood. The decorating is quite unfortunate but is is a nice looking house. Looks like a lot of well laid out space. Nothing a good painter can’t handle.

  3. Anonymous

    “a [insert price here] bucks? Are you friggin’ kidding me??!!” is my usual reaction to any and everythingn that sells in Riverside. Nice to see it being exported to other parts of town.

  4. If one works in White Plains/Scarsdale, wants to avoid Westchester taxes, wants Greenwich Schools, and wants to avoid 95 or the Merritt, a great place to be. But it is pricey….

  5. Anonymous

    what do 80 gallons of zinsser coverstain primer and a wildly cursing painter have in common?

    11 hickory.

  6. anonymous

    Pocho is hot.

  7. GreenITCH

    CF as i have only enjoyed reading your blog in the last 2 years .. i was kind of curious as to what you were writting when we were in the Bull Housing Market years pre 2006-07 …and was curious if you ” bought ” into the bubble- mania , pricing wars . Although my feeling is you were probably pretty ” even keeled ” and stuck to reporting what you were seeing etc …Which at those times merely reporting how its a ” sellers market “and ” reported bidding wars .. that said as i went back to your archives , April 2005 specifically , two items jumped out at me … true today as they were 8 years ago – 1 ) ” On average, a modest little $1.3 million house will run you $51,656 in costs in New York, compared to $17,813 in Connecticut. The biggest contributor to this whopping discrepancy is, naturally, taxes: mortgage tax, “mansion tax”, school tax, county tax, etc ” – I can only assume that tax arbitrage has gotten worse for NYKers … second …and equally relevant to many stories and comments on your blog ” There are still bidding wars breaking out in perennially hot Old Greenwich and Riverside but not many … etc etc ” . Which struck me as in the two years i have been reading your blog you made it sound like the OG / (and specifically ) Riverside phenomenon where housing recovery and pricing has outpaced the rest of Greenwich as something new or trendy where it appears to have been a long ago established trend ? and as they say .. the trend is your friend ?

    • Mickster

      Buyers read your post and backed out – its BAAACK on market again!!

      • My posts don’t sell houses so it’s unlikely they unsell them either.

        • You have clout

          I can see the exchange:
          Buyer brags about great house he’s buying
          Friend goes home looks it up finds FWIW
          Friend sends email link to Buyer
          Buyer freaks out and wants no association to THAT house

          • Hey, I just said I was surprised to learn that houses like that were getting rices like that on the west side of town. Surprise being the key word – as noted, I haven’t been following real estate over there.

  8. Anonymous

    well hickory dickory dock, time to reset the raveis new listing clock!

  9. anonymous

    Another one that would be a scraper in mid country or Riverside.

  10. D

    No way someone backed out because of this blog… someone jumped on it fast thinking they’d arbitrage taxes, but quickly found out Greenwich’s supposedly good schools do not apply to the western end of town.

  11. Anonymous

    This is why Chris only reports other AOs, never his own.

  12. FF

    It looks like the BOMK was posted at 11:10am. This post is at 9:58AM. The selling broker is smart enough to give more than an hour of attempts to talk her people out of reneging. Then, she’d have to fill out the change forms, fax them to the GAR, then the GAR would have to upload it and all that. I’m guessing cold feet last night, buyers remorse.