And two more new listings

Both seem to at least recognize that something happened to home prices after 2006, which is encouraging.

4 Gisborne (photoshopped leaves?)

4 Gisborne (photoshopped leaves?)

4 Gisborne Place, in Old Greenwich off Taconic Tomac (duh) and abutting the golf course, is listed at $1.775 million. Purchased for $1.915 in 2006. Gisborne’s a nice little cul de sac with just a handful – 4?- houses on it. Not much yard here but there is Innis’s yard to play on when golf is not in session and you can’t beat the location for convenience. I haven’t seen the house yet because it’s on tomorrow’s open house but it seems to have potential.

474 North St

474 North St

474 North Street was built new, I believe, in 2006 and has been on and off the market since, starting at $5.459 and after six price drops is now $3.850. I really don’t remember the house but it’s on an acre, with a pool, and a driveway that I think exits onto Copper Beech, giving you an alternative route to town should you wish to avoid North Street’s rush hour. Across from St. Michael and again, open house tomorrow.


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6 responses to “And two more new listings

  1. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t that be off Tomac?

  2. Anon

    the driveway is actually on Mackenzie Glen so how does it rate a North Street address? Maybe the old house had an opening on North that preserved the address for this?

    if you look at the MBR photo, I’m guessing the owners don’t sit in bed and watch TV unless they are robots and can make their heads spin 90 degrees to see it over the fireplace. 🙂

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    I am posting in a dirt thread!! And it’s on topic!!
    Here is a list of 21 Real Estate Hotshots:

    How come you weren’t on it? Were you number 22? Yeah right!!
    But a couple of things surprised me about the list, besides you not being on it. Fourteen of the Twenty one were men. That is like 50%! I always thought the vast majority of “professional” dirt salespeople were women. Is that in fact true, but men are just better at it? That would make sense. But it is the perfect job for a woman. Flexible hours, no stress, no real skill required, except driving. IS THAT IT?? Women suck at driving so most can’t pass the skills part of the licensing exam? That would make sense. Plus they always get lost.

    And some of the women were really hot!! How come Greenwich only has Aunt Bea pearl wearing blue hair types? Check out Melissa Kennedy. That little minx.

    And I think Francis better push for some diversity here. Only two black guys on the list. One is in Houston, probably pushing doublewides. The other is from Folsom California, so he is probably in prison. How many black agents are GAR members? Huh? HUH!!

    Only one gook, but it’s a woman, so two birds with one stone. SMART!! I only counted five Jews (surprising), only two Homo’s (also surprising as I always assumed 99% of all male real estate agents were gay. NTTAWWT). And no lezbo’s, which made me a little sad.

    Finally, it looks to be a young person’s game. The oldest on the list is only 41. So what is up with that? Experience doesn’t count? Most people wise up and get a real career? They stole enough spare change and silverware at open houses to retire early?

    Shed some insight.
    Your Pal,

  4. If I am not mistaken there is a tear down on Mackenzie glen for under 2 million … Maybe it was 20 Mackenzie glen? .. Anyway, what is the sq footage of 174 north? I think buying the Mackenzie land for the right price and building to your own specific taste might be a decent option in that area …