Interesting perspective from Cos Cob Congressman Jim Himes

Jim Himes turns us over to the care of Officer Friendly

Jim Himes turns us over to the care of Officer Friendly

Why do leftists want assault weapons in the hands of policemen, but not by those whom the police control?

From an essay by  Joseph Farah, “When did the left fall out of love with guns?” :

Yes, the left still loves guns.  There is no other reason for the fawning acceptance of the vulgar SWAT raid tactics in which innocent men like Mr. Eurie Stamps get shot and killed.  These tactics are repeated all across America every day.

The left just doesn’t love guns in the wrong hands, and anyone who isn’t an agent of the state is the wrong hands.  Listen to Representative Jim Hines  [sic] (D – CT) tell you why high capacity magazines are still necessary in government hands.

There is absolutely no justification for weapons that were made for the explicit purpose of killing lots of people quickly to be in the hands of civilians.

Let that wash over you again.  “Killing lots of people quickly” and “civilian hands.”  The two don’t go together.

Leftists are by nature not liberals, no matter what label they have adopted.  Scratch a liberal, and find a Fascist.”


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7 responses to “Interesting perspective from Cos Cob Congressman Jim Himes

  1. KrazyKat

    If you watch the video of Himes ay the state police range, I find it curious that CSP did not show him a quick magazine change. Nor did they show him rapid fire with any other type of firearm. Maybe seeing an accomplished person shooting a lever action rifle would have provided some context. Or a good revolver shooter with speed loaders.

    Nor did they mention that the 223 round was originally designed as a round for varmint hunting (prairie dogs, gophers, coyotes) and not for killing people. I know, it is effective at short range but Himes being apparently overwhelmed by the “power” af an AR suggests a stunning lack of personal experience. Maybe the CSP should have brought out a AR10 in 7.62 NATO and show him what a real battler rifle can do.

  2. kevino

    RE: “The CSP did not show him …”
    There’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity: ignorance is curable. I don’t believe that Rep. Himes has the ability to learn in this area.

  3. Himes, Murphy, DeLauro, Malloy and the whole lot of them, including even Lieberman can all go to ………..!!!! Gosh, Connecticut is so screwed!
    Hey, Chris have you heard the real culprit for “global warming” is that dang ole EARTHWORM! I always was suspicious about them when I went fishing!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Whether Himes is a Leninist “Useful Idiot,” a closet Stalinist, or simply a delusional, doctrinaire, limo liberal is unimportant.

    What is important is that Useful Idiot Himes and his fellow National Democrat/National Socialist foot soldiers are providing the feint and cover for the Regime’s main thrust. The Useful Idiots have been assigned the task – begged for the task – of coordinating with the compliant supportive Quisling MSM to consume as much media space as possible with 24/7 coverage on the “Plague of Gun Violence,” and “Public Safety,” and “the Children.”

    Meanwhile, Eric Holder’s DoJ issues a white paper justifying the extra-judicial killing of Americans, even if they are not planning an attack on the U.S. With no due process Obama’s drones just killed a 16 year old American boy born in Denver. There is minimal media coverage. There is virtually no public discussion.

    Government is a force based enterprise, and this is the classic government two-step in the grab for dictatorial power.

    Yes, it is tragic that mass killers murder in 5s, and 10s, but dictators murder by the tens of millions. Newtown was a tragedy, but it’s small ball in the Regime strategy.

    The agenda of the national debate has been set with an overwhelming media and therefore public focus on assault weapon bans, magazine capacity, and universal background checks. This is a planned well in advance shaping of the battle space. Assault weapon ban won’t pass. Magazine bans may or may not pass but are ultimately unimportant to both sides of this faux debate. Universal background checks and federal registration of all private sales are the Regime’s key objective, because they are de facto registration. Registration leads to confiscation, and confiscation leads to extermination of political opponents of the Regime.

    “As soon as firearms are out of the hands of citizens, watch how any ‘niceties’ of government evaporate and dictatorial edicts will transform America into a Stalinist police state. We will have ‘freedom’ only in name.”
    This point cannot be made enough. When does soft tyrany turn hard? After they disarm the people. Every time. This is the big game the Regime is playing.

    The Regime statements and actions already are out there. Obama’s desired civilian security force as well funded and as powerful as the military. DHS huge weapons and anti-personnel ammo buys, the ammo now being pre-positioned around the country. Bill Ayers’ public statements about the need to re-educate much of America and to kill the 10% most resistant to re-education. Fast and Furious, and more.

    Much to the chagrin of the gun-grabbers, freedom-loving Americans in their collective wisdom are buying every gun, magazine, and round of ammo they can find and then some.

  5. Anonymous

    Henson Ong speaking before the Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing, in Hartford, CT Jan. 28, 2013.

    He makes way too much sense, so won’t get any MSM air time.

    CT would be better off with him in government than any of its current crooks and clowns.

  6. Anonymous

    Newtown Dad testifying in Hartford, January 28, 2013