Look, a squirrel!

The Justice department refuses to divulge any information concerning its coverup, let alone its creation of its gun running operation “Fast and Furious”, is so stymied by the complexity of the current banking system that it can’t bring charges and has nothing whatsoever to say about any of the current cases of individual congressmen’s thievery and bribe taking, so what to do? How will citizens know that the DOJ is on the job?

Hey, I know, let’s prosecute Lance Armstrong! Can anyone suggest how drug use by professional athletes, be they bicyclists or baseball players, is of such national interest as to justify devoting a single second of the judiciary’s time or one penny of taxpayers’ money to investigate and pursue?

Smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses.


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10 responses to “Look, a squirrel!

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    …. Or GROSS and CORRUPT incompetence?

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone seen Jon Corzine recently?

  3. D

    DOJ attys are just hangin’ around long enough to give people passes who will hire them for real money when they walk out the revolving door… pathetic.

  4. The Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Meanwhile, our Governor proposes a budget for next year with a 5% overall spending increase- that’s $1 billion in new spending. And oh by the way, let’s pay for that by borrowing more.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Ahh, he’s just trying to polish his progressive credentials for an appointment in the Obamaphate. Needs to fluff that C.V.

  5. Anon

    And Obama is the clown in the center ring of the circus. I need to reach for Tums every time he makes a proclamation. Yesterday, he called out a cameraman for moving and interrupting his flow. Oh god, wake me when his term is up.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Yesterday, he called out a cameraman for moving and interrupting his flow. And this surprises you coming from a malignant narcissist?

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Uh – how about witness tampering and obstruction of justice??? Those don’t count for you, CF?

    • Not when the Attorney General of the United States is engaging in the same behavior with impunity, when the Secretary of State jails a man and keeps him in jail so she can deflect blame for the Benghazi attack away from her incompetent staff, herself and her boss, when the Secretary of Homeland Security directs the FBI to delay arresting an illegal alien sex offender on the staff of Senator Menendez until after the election, when Representative Maxine Waters can order the FDIC to bail out her husband’s failing bank and halt its investigation into the reasons for that failure and on and on and on. My point is not that Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens et als did nothing wrong, but that we are ruled by a corrupt criminal class and they, knowing America’s lack of interest in anything more substantive than who’s leading on American idol, hold hearings featuring sports stars in the hot seat and so forestall any inquiry into their graft.
      That’s what makes me angry.

      UPDATE: Here’s how it works:
      Is Senator Menendez Doomed? “There are rumors that powerful Democrats are now working to hasten the downfall of Menendez. . . . Attempts by certain liberal journalists (e.g., Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post) to minimize the seriousness of this scandal will prove ineffectual, because if Senator Menendez tries to hang on, it might inspire greater scrutiny to other politicians connected to Dr. Melgen, and those other politicians don’t need that scrutiny.” Stay tuned.

      Posted at 6:54 pm by Glenn Reynolds

  8. Greenwich Gal

    Point well taken.