Study: Global warming propaganda goes only so far


When Gaia the Eskimo gets here ....

When Gaia the Eskimo gets here ….

People’s belief in the Church of the Holy Gaia fluctuates with the weather.

Americans’ opinions on climate change blow with the wind—with more concern shown in years that are much warmer or much colder than normal—according to a new study released Tuesday.

Five of the nation’s top newspapers were also more likely to publish opinion pieces that showed “belief” in climate change during years that were colder or warmer than normal.

“It’s a goddamn shame”, Minister of Propaganda Albert Gore told FWIW’s quote checker, B. Simonds, “every time we whip the sheeple into a frenzy over GW, something comes along like Moscow’s snowiest winter in 100 years and the fools cool off. If only we had, I don’t know, a controlled press that would run during hurricanes and even earthquakes so we could keep the momentum going. But where on earth would we find that?”


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4 responses to “Study: Global warming propaganda goes only so far

  1. Anon

    Yesterday the NYT ran a headline that the Iditerod was close to being cancelled because of temps being too warm. For the halibut, I hit for every town along the Iditerod route. Not a one over 12 degrees. So, as far as I can tell the NYT wrote this article for its climate change fans. It certainly wasn’t based on any facts.

  2. Anonymous

    As witty and pithy as you are, The Onion sometimes one-ups you. This today made me roar.
    “White House press corps Wednesday, President Barack Obama is reported to have completely blanked on which issue he was ineffectually urging Congress to act on at the moment. “It is vitally important that our nation’s lawmakers do the job that they were elected to do, and make it a top priority to, uh, to…well, hmm,” said Obama, nervously tapping his fingers on the lectern as he frantically tried to recall whether he was making a wholly unproductive and effectively meaningless call for legislative action on global warming, gun control, immigration reform, budget compromise, or green energy. “It’s a, um, very important issue, I know that. Uh. Jeez.” After standing silently in front of the audience for several uncomfortable moments, Obama reportedly reprimanded Congress for its lack of cooperation and then walked out of the room.”