That was quick

Say goodbye

Say goodbye

29 Twin Lakes, an acre of land at the bottom of Gilliam Lane in Riverside, was just placed for sale at $2.150 million and has an accepted offer 7 days later. I don’t know why we Fountain boys don’t demand a percentage of these sales because it was our moving off Gilliam that set the stage for the huge escalation in values, but what can you do?

So-so land, but in a location that should command $4.75 – $5 minimum, so the price made sense – to me, not to my builder clients, all of whom ignored my emails. That’s what makes a horse race.


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  1. wanna-be Historian

    HI, could you straighten me out again…it was Irven “Jack” Brod that owned that circa-1925 main house at 32 Twin Lakes back in the 1950s and 60s, right? and he divided up the original 14 acres? Funny how that house last sold for $6.6 million when it has two houses in front of it obscuring the water view now. Lucky for #29!

    • Brod did buy the old estate (forget the name of the original owner) and tried to put up something like 32 houses. He was stopped by the neighbors (in fact, while retroactive zoning is forbidden now, back in the early 60s it wasn’t, which is why everything from the top of Twin Lakes to the water is now a one acre zone) and he ended up with 7 or maybe 8 lots. The original main house was last owned by Stephen Dent, the genius who managed to be blackmailed three (!) times by the same on-line prostitute. Dent’s gone now, but with an IQ like his, I’m sure he’s still getting in trouble somewhere on this globe.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Mr. Dent, who graduated from St. Mark’s School and cum laude from Harvard College, received an M.B.A. degree from Harvard University. He is a certified public accountant and president of Dent & Company, a private investment management firm in New York. His father is an investment advisor. From Dent’s N.Y. Times wedding announcement

        Hmmmm… Can we now conclude that immediately upon graduating Hahvahd one is rendered stooooopid?

    • Anonymous

      Brod put in a view easement to benefit the original house, so the view to the water is intact. Apparently his ex-wife continued to live in the original house and he built his new house, #36, which is off to the side and screened by trees—so his ex-wife was not looking straight into his windows.

  2. Anonymous

    Must be a builder? Good, relatively large, land lots are scarce in RS.

    • Absolutely not – in fact I suspect this is going to an end user who’se been looking for a decent lot in Riverside because, as you say, there aren’t many. My home building clients either bought stuff last year or are priced out of this range or I’d have been alerting them to this one. My loss.

  3. Accolay

    What’s considered better – this area, or the streets off Indian Head?

    • Gilliam Lane / Twin Lakes is far more convenient – easy walking to the schools and the train and, for members, the Riverside Yacht Club, but most of the houses are more modest than those on some streets off Indian Head. So depends on which streets you’re comparing.