Tooth and claw

National Nurses United knows what you need!

National Nurses United knows what you need!

Latest Democrat group to oppose the Keystone pipeline? The nurses union! I wonder why it took so long for their overlords to notice their absence. I also assume that pipeline workers aren’t unionized – I mean, is there any other reason the “party of the working man” is so determined to extinguish the one bright spot in the economy?

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  1. kc

    I’m not entirely sure why but it seems that the Keystone Pipeline has taken on a symbolic significance which has made the basic merits or problems of the project somewhat confusing to discuss reasonably which, I think, some of us would agree is not a very good thing. In the article which you linked, CF, there is some general discussion of health and so on but I’m not real clear why this has suddenly alarmed the union. Are they against the use of pipelines generally? Are they worried that Canadians are developing a new energy resource? If I’m not mistaken, part of the initial concern was a sensitive area in Nebraska called Sand Hill but I was under the impression that was, more or less, resolved. So I’ll just admit to being confused unless it’s mostly about just choosing up sides.