Crime wave on King Street and illegal aliens blamed

Ct. State Rep. Marty Looney embarks on smuggler hunt, King Streert

“Let’s get those wetbacks!” Rep. Jimbo Himes (D. CT) embarks on smuggler hunt, King Street (photo credit: B. Simonds)

There’s an ongoing rash of residential burglaries on King Street, which is nothing new: they have experienced this before.

Michael Tedesco, president of the King Street Area Homeowner’s Association, an umbrella organization for homeowner groups on both sides of the state line, said residents are concerned about crime but confident police will put a stop to the activity.

“Our guys do a fabulous job,” he said. “They usually pick up the trail very quickly.”

Tedesco said police keep him and his association informed of break-ins in the area, though he hasn’t heard of any in the past week or so.

And in another story in Greenwich Time King Street residents are reporting  increased sightings of coyotes, the politically correct term for smugglers of folks from down Mexico way. Cause and effect? We report, you decide.


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6 responses to “Crime wave on King Street and illegal aliens blamed

  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm, a rash of….oxycontin theft.

    Prescription drug-addicted teenagers, perhaps?

  2. No, that isn’t Jim Himes, that’s Governor Rick Perry. To paraphrase Bobby Jindal, Perry is one of the reasons the GOP is “the stupid party”.Who wants to be associated with a “stupid party”? Just asking…

  3. Rick

    Dennis Miller on Fox News last night hit the nail right on the head when he called California Governor Jerry Brown and Texas Governor rick Perry, “The dumbest smart guy and the smartest dumb guy in the world respectively”.