It’s open house Thursday!

A modest collection of new listings (including a small bungalow on Sound Beach Avenue next to the highway that I think I’ll pass by) and I’ve targeted nine that may justify spending the gas to visit – as a devoted follower of Al Gore, I am acutely conscious of my carbon footprint, so I’m selective these days. Of those nine, at least two are wildly overpriced and ordinarily I’d skip them and wait a year until their owners got serious but they’re on the way to some of the others and what the heck, if I see them now I can spend the next year saving my clients’ time by warning them off them. It’s all about efficiency in this business.


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14 responses to “It’s open house Thursday!

  1. Chris R.

    awww…. c’mon CF. a visit to a certain “bungalow” will provide a chance to try out Nancy’s Desserts. and who knows? an infamous haridan might be around (replete in triathlon garb) handing out face masks and ear plugs.

  2. Anonymous

    It is surpising that Boies Schiller hired her from Pace Law School. It is even more surprising that she worked on M&A there. Boies Schiller is a litigation firm.

    • Anthony Fountain

      She was probably just a temp at Boies Schiller. When I was a lowly (but full-time) paralegal at Cravath, Swaine & Moore many years ago (where David Boies was partner at the time) we would hire temps for big cases, some of whom were lawyers (including a graduate of the Yale Law School who, despite much coaching from us, was utterly incapable of stapling a stack of papers properly). Even though they were lawyers, they were no more employees of the Cravath firm then Ms. Clay likely was of Boies Schiller.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting line of thought but there is a current Boies partner who is a Pace grad.


  3. pulled up in OG

    What a pussy! Why not stop by w/your dB meter and take a few readings – outside, inside, northside rm, southside rm.

  4. ShedLessToolMan

    what do you think of 28 gatefield drive? not bad and in mid country. kinda meets what you have been looking for lately..

  5. It’s Thursday and in my book, that means Dumb Question Day. Here goes:

    Why do so many of your commenters, who are OBVIOUSLY brokers/agents, ShedLessToolMan, D, Mickster, Stanwich (?), maybe even Cos Cobber, and the pack of Anonymoussssssses, to name just a few, all choose to comment here without using their real identities? If Nancy Sears did, and good for her, wouldn’t it be to the advantage of the others to use their name and link to their own website? Just strikes me as odd that they let YOU hang out to take the fall for criticizing a house then are happy to chime in to agree that the house stinks, but never let us know who they are.

    Is it the mere association with you Chris or is it more that they are seller’s agents and worry about saying something here that might affect getting a listing?

    Bored Waiting for the Storm

    • dogwalker

      I know agents who deny even reading this blog, even to me (I have nothing to do with real estate) . . . and I don’t believe them for a minute.

    • Mickster


      Glad to have you back after your narrow escape with the delivery man.

      I can’t speak for the others but personally knowing that some of CF’s readers travel over state lines with dogs and guns, have HD cameras surrounding their abodes make me a little nervous about ‘outing’ myself. The last thing in the world I need is Mr EOS staring down the barrel of a whatever at me…good to have you back…lol

      It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out who i am with my brogue..

      • Anonymous Broker

        Mickster, That’s what you got to say? What a stupid as hell remark. The lady asked a reasonable question. I hope you do meet her dog one day and he gives you a dose of your own medicine. Right be between the legs.

        To answer your question, I represent alot of high end sellers who don’t understand FWIW. For me it’s best I stay one of the many anonii.

    • EOS,

      I am really Chemp Fountain, the long lost third brother and stooge of the family.

      Why don’t you ask fake Walt his true identity? Why don’t you use your own true identity?

      I think we all learned a valuable lesson from Ms. Barbara Clay Esq.