The blight spreads down under


Say goodnight to the Jolly Swagman

Say goodnight to the Jolly Swagman

Australia Health Ministry bans blowing out birthday candles by children. Might spread cooties to a wallaby, I suppose. Hey, medical care is funded by the government down  there and if they want to dictate behavior they can and they will. Fortunately that can’t happen here in the land of the free.


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5 responses to “The blight spreads down under

  1. LAK

    Nothing like having spit on your birthday cake!

  2. Peg

    And what are they going to do if people defy this order? Put the little buggers in prison – or their parents?!?

    I suppose kissing will soon be illegal. The mind boggles at the germs spread from that….

  3. dogwalker

    I feel strangely comforted . . . know we haven’t cornered the market on screwball politicians.

  4. If that’s a picture of the child, I wouldn’t want her blowing on my cake, either.

  5. AJ

    That is a picture of Divine and you don’t want to go to her birthday party, or perhaps you do. In the movie “Pink Flamingos”, Wikipedia describes the birthday party thus: “…The birthday party begins as the Marbles arrive to spy on it. Divine receives an assortment of gifts, including lice shampoo, a pig’s head and an axe. Later on, they all witness a topless dancing woman with a snake and a contortionist who flexes his anal sphincter in rhythm to the song “Surfin’ Bird.”…”
    And yes, it is available on Youtube, but you have to sign in to view it.