Just before the MLS shut down, some activity

Sales, accepted offers and new listings. 

39 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, new construction sold for $2.512 million after starting at $3.295 351 days before. I do recall suggesting privately to a reader that $2.5 was a number that should take this. Not a bad house at all, well built, but smallish and on a busy street. But for this price, not a bad deal.

44 North Stanwich

44 North Stanwich

44 North Stanwich also finally sold and for $6.3 million, close to what they paid for it: $6.000 in 1994, so that wasn’t a home run. Asked $8.9 at the start of this run 530 days ago.

26 Bramble Lane, on the other hand, asked $3.395, went to a bidding war and accepted an offer of $3,497,419. This was a great house and I praised it here (after first recommending it to my own clients). The owners bought it for $3.725 back at the top of the market in 2007, so I thought they were really smart to start at a significant discount from that number. As is evident, the market rewarded them for being so realistic.

610 Lake Biomass

610 Lake Biomass

And Swamp Vue Hollow, 610 Lake Avenue asking $975,000 has an accepted offer. This is a difficult piece of land, as you might guess from its price, so I’ll be curious to see what someone can make of it. Can’t beat the location, just a little bit north of the Round Hill Road intersection.

9 Dingletown is one of three listings showing up today, and it’s priced at $4.975, down a bit from yesterday’s price of $5.850. That first price couldn’t move it; perhaps this one will. Sold new in 2004 for $4.3, it’s probably safe to assume that improvements were made since then. I remember it as a decent house without much yard.

18 Pinecroft

18 Pinecroft

18 Pinecroft wants you to pay $7.250 million, a substantial increase over the $6.5 paid for it when it was new in 2004. Again, improvements made since that purchase have pushed up the price. Good interior but, to me, the exterior brings to mind Davey Crockett battling to the end at the Alamo. Could appeal to movie buffs, I suppose.

And returning to Riverside, 8 Bradbury is once again for sale, now asking $2.850. Sold for $2.875 in 2008. Your call.


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8 responses to “Just before the MLS shut down, some activity

  1. Anonymous

    Town’s assessment too low for 26 Bramble.

  2. Anonymous

    610 Lake Avenue. Wait for the property in back of it to come. Buy that. Have an 8 acre property worth more than the sum of the parts.

  3. Anonymous

    The only value I can see for 610 Lake is as an add-on to an adjacent property. The land itself is not buildable.

  4. Anonymous

    For someone who has the money to keep it up, 610 Lake and its rear neighbor as a single property are among the most breathtaking pieces of land in Greenwich. The rear neighbor has more than an acre of buildable land with nothing in back of it. It has 5 ponds in front of it on which you can row a boat. The entrance to the properties starting at Lake Avenue is breathtaking, like a winding road through a national park.

    It is a very expensive property to maintain. All the ponds need treatment for algae. This is probably pretty expensive to do regularly. Paving the driveway and snow plowing are a small fortune. For someone who can afford this work, it would be without question one of the best properties in Greenwich. Also there is no noise from Lake Avenue. The back house is too far back for that.

    I fell in love with the back house (and also the lovely lady in it, who raised her family there and now is relatively elderly). I still dream of that place all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Also, you are not allowed to clear fallen trees there. I assume one could do that with a non-electric or other quiet saw. There is some work to get it the land and wetland areas back in shape, but probably not that much. This property is out of a dream – actually that nice.

  5. Anonymous

    They were asking $2.3 for the back property in about 2006 or 2007. I think the broker said the combined properties would be about $5 million back then.

  6. Anonymous

    18 Pinecroft exterior looks like a Mediterranean convent. The interior is also impressive in that it is was built in the 2000s but looks like it was built in 1993. 15 Pinecroft is really nice and sold new for $5.4MM last September by way of a recent comp. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/15-Pinecroft-Rd-Greenwich-CT-06830/57311865_zpid/