Snow joke?

Nothing yet that I can shovel or even blow out like a birthday candle but I checked Weatherunderground and found this rather awesome radar image – looks as though something wicked this way comes. (purple heaviest, green weakest)

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 5.57.26 AM


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5 responses to “Snow joke?

  1. Yes, indeedy, this is gonna be a tough one!

  2. Fred2

    Good Luck. As much as the the rest of the country gets a pleasant frisson of schadenfreude to see the WashNYBos Corridor get a good solid pounding by the weather… on a personal level I hope everyone is safe,and power stays up.

  3. Anonymous

    Still checking the radar to see when the swarm of locusts are coming

  4. Anonymous

    There will be a lot of disappointed house hunters this weekend.

  5. Anonymous

    got that right. i was going to have an open house. ummm, no.