This is beginning to tick me off

Governor Malloy has banned all travel on roads, effective 4:00 PM. I understand that many  people don’t know how to drive in snow, I understand that the morons crash into trees and slide into others, yahdahyadahyadh, but so what? It’s friggin’ New England for Crissake, get over it. We now need permission from central government to leave our rooms? We’ve gladly submitted to being told what to eat, how much soda to drink, what to wear, what to breath, who to give our earnings to and where to collect our allowances, and now we’re grounded.

We have become a nation of children.


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  1. ILL-Logical

    The Greenwich Time says the ban is on ” limited access highways” beginning at 4pm. What exactly is a limited access highway and how is anyone supposed to know that there is a ban.?

  2. Depeche mode that is. …. Damn spell correct

  3. InfoDiva

    Not a problem. Drive with abandon. Just don’t expect taxpayer-funded first responders to rescue you when you end up wrapped around that pole.


    • TheWizard

      Those of us worried about losing our freedoms generally don’t “expect” taxpayer funded anything.
      We’re the ones doing the funding.

  4. pulled up in OG

    4:30 pm – light traffic on I95 ConnDOT cameras.

  5. I think he get aroused flaunting his power, one-handed governing you might say. Perhaps Walt could offer his thoughts on this.

  6. But, but Chris Rock just said Obama is PAPA….

  7. Tawm

    At least “children” have an excuse. We have become a nation of sheep (at least the infamous 47%) who willingly surrender their options to THINK, educate themselves, critically analyze, hold our political leaders accountable, plan for the future, be responsible, work hard, protect our liberties and the free market, etc. Sadly, we will all pay a huge price.

  8. Al Dente

    Go to your room.

  9. edgewater

    if memory serves [and it rarely does] ella grasso did the same thing…banned cars from the highways … in advance of a big storm decades ago…obviously, when she was governoress. you can look it up. this does not mean it was or is a good idea, just that malloy is not making history this time.

  10. Don Laird

    Oh Double Double Plus Plus good comrade!!!

    The heavy price you expect to pay…….you’re paying it now.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  11. CatRocker

    Better here than MA: “Governor Deval Patrick temporarily ordered all normal traffic off Massachusetts roads, with the threat of up to a year in jail as the penalty.” Ouch!

    • Walt

      Dude –
      If I may be so bold, can I inquire as to where it is exactly you want to go? In the middle of a blizzard?

      Do you need to run to CVS for more suppositories? You need to go get a haircut? You booked a 5:00 PM appointment with Mi So Haw Nee at the Greenwich Rub & Tug, and will lose your $5.00 deposit?

      I agree with you on limiting government intrusion in our everyday lives. Stay out of what we eat, how we protect ourselves, and quit infringing on our other God given rights, which the government has absolutely no right to infringe upon.

      But this one seems like a no brainer. STAY HOME!! The fact that we have to tell people that shows just how stupid people are. Present company excluded Dude. Well at least one of us.

      But I believe in exercising free will. So if you want to go drag racing up and down the Merritt, or do 360’s in the high school parking lot, knock yourself out I say!! Put on your Bear Skin coat, and go for it!!

      But can you pick me up a pizza and drop it off here while you are out? Half sausage, half pepperoni. Maybe from Pepe’s in New Haven? I love that thin crust stuff!!

      Can you get it here by 8:00? “Terms of Endearment” is on tonight, so my blizzard plan is to put on my Bunny PJ’s, start a fire, curl up on the couch, stuff pizza down my throat while I drink cheap chianti, and laugh and cry like a little bitch. THAT is what you do during a blizzard. You dummy.

      Best line from that flick? The crazy, liberal Shirley Maclean chick, who was a hottie in her early days, and very bangable BTW, says to Jack: “I just didn’t want you to think I was like one of your other girls”. And Jack says: “Not much danger in that unless you curtsy on my face real soon”. I love that guy!!

      Leave now so you aren’t late.
      Your Pal,

      • Walt: i offer this, concerning the Governor of Massachusetts closing their highways:

        The governor said rapid snowfall of 2-3 inches per hour will make for, “extremely dangerous conditions,” and will “make safe travel nearly impossible.”

        This is the first time that a Massachusetts governor has issued an executive order like this since the Blizzard of 1978.

        But back then it was put in place after the storm.

        Patrick did not say when this ban would be lifted.

        So, has it snowed since 1978? Have we in fact even had blizzards since then? The fact that (some) citizens think that this sort of dictate “just makes sense”, and raise no objection to it even though they survived 35 years without such protection (and 35,000 years before that) proves my point: this is no longer a country for grown men.

      • George Leroy Tirebiter

        “If I may be so bold, can I inquire as to where it is exactly you want to go? In the middle of a blizzard?”

        Duh, the love bungalow, of course.

  12. Libertarian Advocate

    Could this be the new moniker for FWIW’s very own but long quiet Dullard Bill?

  13. RaisedinRiverside

    Yes, it’s a bit extreme to ban people from driving today. But there are a lot of morons who put others at risk because they think it’s fun to drive around during a blizzard (or surf in a hurricane, or stay in their low-lying home in a flood, etc.) I have no sympathy for people who put themselves at risk because they think they’re invincible — but I do have sympathy for the cops, firefighters, lifeguards etc who have to rescue them from their stupidity.

  14. Anonymous

    i have a big 4×4 truck with big tires and have basically no traction issues unless the roads are ice. i’ve been buzzing around all afternoon running errands. the amount of morons out on the road in cars is astounding. soccer moms in minivans too, sliding around corners or into intersections that have stop signs because someone didn’t teach them how to drive slow and not punch the throttle in snow. i saw one minivan sliding right through intersection and bump right into and over a sidewalk on the opposite side. dumb dumb dumb. dunno what the answer is, maybe just ban all vehicles that don’t have 4 wheel drive.

  15. Peg

    I know you kids on the right and left coasts laugh at us great unwashed here in lefse-land. But geeze; it’s SNOW! It ain’t 100+mph winds or 30 foot waves. It’s snowflakes.

    I agree that it’s wiser to stay home, put a few logs on the fire and do whatever you prefer to do under such conditions – than venture out on the highways and byways. Still…. I don’t know about all you pussy’s out east, but here in MN we know that if we slow down a bit and don’t try to drag race with the guy next to us, odds are we actually can make it to our destination.

    And the government telling you you can’t drive in SNOW? What’s next? They have the police checking your home every night to make sure you’re not making too many pit stops at 2AM?

    Somewhere, all our ancestors are either laughing their heads off – or weeping. I’m not sure which it is; perhaps both.

  16. Walt

    Dude –
    I know you and the reader wet your diapers over “The so God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl commercial. I thought it sucked. But I did tell you the Ravens were going to win. Go back and look it up.
    But here is “So God Made a Liberal”. This is pretty good”

    Where is the pizza?
    Your Pal,

  17. AJ

    We’ve already got ten inches here in Québec and it’s just another typical, so what it’s snowing day. My turbo-charged Subaru Legacy with extra fat ice tires and limited slip rear loves to go out on these kind of days. We have mandatory snow tire laws here — a good idea, so I don’t have to freak out everytime I see someone coming down the road going the other way.

    The only time I’ve had trouble was one time when we got eighteen inches and the hadn’t plowed the mountain pass road and were only letting 4x4s through with enough clearance to not get bogged down (drifts could be much deeper), and that meant an extra ten miles of driving to get to the ski hill. I still got there in time for a few runs on different trails in completely untracked snow in flat light; a very weird experience as far as depth perception is concerned.

  18. OG17

    Problem is that every yahoo out there with 4 wheel drive & ABS thinks they are invincible on the road and can stop on a dime. If your grew up learning to drive with rear wheel drive and snow tires you would have more respect for road conditions.

    • CatRocker

      Wow, that is horrific.

      • Anonymous

        that video’s been around for long time on car websites. it’s in russia. but, the point about being careful still applies.

        drive slow, keep car in low gear if going downhill, use common sense and let the motor’s available torque and tire traction do the work (i.e., as little throttle as possible).

  19. sNOw WAY

    The NBC station in Hartford just has continual coverage of this storm. Yes it is truly boring in this Hartford area. Do they not realize that Weather Channel does a better job at this?