Walt is right

He sent this along with the claim that it makes “So God Made a Farmer” look like something dreamed up by a band of Madison Avenue Nancy Boys and by gum, it does.


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7 responses to “Walt is right

  1. Best video I’ve seen in ages!

    • Anonymous

      If you love that, you’ll love watching Obama squirm at the Prayer Breakfast. The speaker gave it to the president in spades. Fast forward to about the 17 minute frame, then sit back and smile.


      • Walt

        That guy was… how can I put this politely? That guy was fucking brilliant!! Absolutely AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing that.
        He NAILED it on political correctness, and hit almost every other point about what is wrong with Liberal America. How does anyone disagree with this? Absolutely spot on. He sees it EXACTLY like I do. And he is black. And I am not!! But I like fried chicken. Diversity working!!

        If Barry took 20% of what this guy said to heart, he would be a great President. Dude- can we get a rebuttal from Francis? Francis – comment please? Comment?

        And no teleprompter and no script. This guy disagrees with Barry, so he must be racist. He understands what it takes to be great, as a Country, and as an individual.
        Things totally lost on our President.

        Barry wanted to crawl under the table during this guys speech. For several reasons.
        Thanks for sharing that.
        Pizza Dude? Pizza?

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    You could see Douche Bag looking at his Crackberry during Carson’s speech. Probably trying to find out from VJ which WH scheduler needed impaling with a white hot fire poker.

  3. anon

    Hannity interviewed Carson. The doctor is pure genius. I Googled him and see he’s also the author of a highly regarded book called America The Beautiful. I’m going to buy it, today.
    The blog Legal Insurrection has the footage from the Hannity interview. There’s an option to embed the video so I’m cutting and pasting it here. If it doesn’t create a link, just find the legal Insurrection website and watch.

    • Somewhere on these pages is a link to another of his very wise speeches, but I’ll have to look for it – it was probably a year ago or so. But I agree – good egg.

  4. anon

    I see the link didn’t embed. Here’s the link to Legal Insurrection. if you do nothing else today, watch. Read the comments at LI too. Incredible.