Weren’t we just talking about this?


Just resting

Just resting

British carnage a harbinger of what’s coming our way.

The [NYT] report, which examined conditions…over a 50-month period between 2005 and 2009, cites example after example of horrific treatment: patients left unbathed and lying in their own urine and excrement; patients left so thirsty that they drank water from vases; patients denied medication, pain relief and food by callous and overworked staff members; patients who contracted infections due to filthy conditions; and patients sent home to die after being given the wrong diagnoses.

As the piece goes on to explain, the hospital’s actions sprung from its single-minded pursuit of cost control. It drastically reduced its operating budget in hopes of qualifying for foundation-trust status, a legal category that would grant it more freedom from central government control. It’s a textbook case of how structural incentives in government-dominated health care systems can lead to terrible outcomes.


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7 responses to “Weren’t we just talking about this?

  1. Did you catch Johns Hopkins guy at “Prayer Breakfast” yesterday ?
    Real Messiah ?

  2. Publius

    Milton Friedman:
    “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.”

    Obamacare is our Sahara Desert

  3. LAK

    When I was in Rome visiting a friend in the hospital, this is what I witnessed.
    A surgeon who just finished surgery, came out of the OR smoking a cigar!
    The janitor yelled at a patient for having his slippers in the way to mop the floor!
    The only phone is at the nurses station, so dont call bc they get pissed!
    Bring your own toilet paper & towels!
    No air condition at all!!! All lights are off in the hospital. Saving energy. No tv’s in the rooms.

  4. Immigration

    Without immigration, there would be no one to work in Nursing homes or clean up for hospital nurses.
    Is it the same working force in British health care?

  5. D

    Anytime the government does anything to “incentivize” they just skew market forces and create bureaucratic loopholes (like “foundation-trust status” bullshit) that destroys innovation and damages the end user.

  6. edgewater

    unfortunately there is no solution to the intersection of increasing medical innovation [expensive] spread over a sharply rising population of aging residents other than [a] starving the other segments of the economy to support soaring medical expenses or [b] rationing treatment by either fiat or price or both.