For the blizzard of the century, Nemo’s looking pretty whimpy . Maybe there’s more good stuff to come but judging from this radar of 11:10, there doesn’t seem to be more where the current bit of fluff came from.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 11.26.46 AM


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11 responses to “Whiff?

  1. Whiffle bat now, hard ball bat later. Light snow in Rockland County until 4:14 PM, stops for 45 minutes, then turns into the combined storm that is a blizzard. I’m staying in. The last storm I called “wimpy” was a heavy rain storm in Canaan, NY…..turned into a tornado that turned trees into matchsticks and lifted the roof and back wall off a house and dropped them about a mile and a half away. The residents were enjoying Tanglewood when their home took the trip. I know the media hype this stuff. Snow in winter? Really? Waves on the ocean? Really? Soup’s on.

  2. shoeless

    I’m hearing they are closing I-95 at 2PM. Is anyone else hearing this?

  3. Let’s hope they messed up yet again!

    • I love snow personally, and really like blizzards, so my posting reflects my disappointment – can you say, “permanently stuck at age 12?”
      Hoping for more exciting things …

  4. Anonymous

    My strategy is to assume the exact opposite of whatever Bill Evans predicts. It is a winning strategy.

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    it’s the end of the world as we know it…….caused by global warming, of course

  6. Anonymous

    this “storm” is nothing. i bought 4 giant bags of de-icer and 20 gal of gas in cans. what a waste.

    thanks, media.

  7. GFY

    …just like your Sandy prediction.

    Anon @12:55, if you don’t trust the media, turn it off and don’t waste your money.

  8. db

    Chris, don’t quit your day job.