4 1/2 ” ?

Greenwich school bus, circa 1964

Greenwich school bus, circa 1964

While some areas of Connecticut got clobbered last night, Greenwich received a dusting. Those of you with long memories may recall that the minimum standard for closing schools for weather reasons was six inches of snow – remember those hopeful nights when it was snowing hard, a math test scheduled for the next day, and urging on the flakes? None of that now for our intrepid New England town: everyone stays home, huddled in fear, if the sky turns grey.

Blame television. Before we invited its 24-hour a day hype into our homes, what happened in, say, Juneau stayed in Juneau. For instance, did you know that child abduction incidents, always rare, are no higher today than in 1954? We’ve whipped parents into a frenzy with “amber alerts”, lockdowns, mommies driving children to school instead of letting them walk, etc. etc. because today if a child goes missing in Tuscaloosa, the entire nation is alerted and the abduction is treated as though it happened in every single parent’s own home town.

Same thing with snowstorms. With better forecasting methodology, weather prognosticators can predict the arrival of a storm a week in advance and the media whoops it up. Of course, with nothing to report for that week they outdo themselves in hyperbole, each broadcast, each weather “expert” trying to top the competitor’s phoned-up hysteria. Remember “Snowmagaddon”? Last August, after a winter without snow in the east, the weather people were calling for a brutal Afghan winter, a return of Snowmageddon to our northeast corridor, including a fierce, snowy January.

Not so long ago, a little snowstorm in one place: Greenwich, for instance, would be just that. And if it snowed more somewhere else, a letter from Uncle Rufus up in Eastford might arrive a week later informing of that and the recipient would shrug and go about his business. Now, with the aid of television and the Internet to scare everyone, our central government applies a one size fits all “solution” to the weather and shuts down roads and public institutions across the state, just to satisfy citizens’ demand that someone in authority “do something”.

It’s also about conditioning the populous to obey the government. If Mansfield is buried under two-feet of snow, why forbid citizens of Cos Cob to drive on their own roads, which are covered with two-inches of slush? Because central authority says so, damn it, and you’d better listen up. Compliance with a stupid, illogical command from authority softens the public up for acceptance of more such orders, and more will be coming, we can count on it.

We used to be better and stronger than this.


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  1. The New Normal

    mid and back country got over a foot

    • The horror! Stay put indoors until FEMA arrives.

    • AJ

      Wow, over a foot. It’s not unusual to get a foot of snow once a week around here, it’s normal and business goes on as usual, but snowtires on all four wheels are mandatory here in Québec. I get a laugh at people from Ontario who come over here to go skiing with front wheel drive with just snowtires on the front of their cars. It’s almost certain that when they go down a slippery hill the back of their car slides out and passes the front of their car — I see it happen all the time. Moral of the story: two additional snow tires are cheaper than getting towed out of a ditch. Word to the bird: If my car starts to slide, I correct it by hitting the gas. Once you touch the brakes, you’re finished, you have no control, and almost certainly will end up hitting what you’re trying to avoid.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    I’ve got +/- 18 inches in mid-west Waziristan. At midnight last night I had 4 inches at most on the ground. Something happened overnight and my fookin electric snowblower has flat dead batteries. Al Bore is an ass hat.

  3. Anonymous

    Closer to two feet for this back country resident.
    What I noticed more irritating than the varying snow totals is how ALL TV CHANNELS now include Newtown, CT in the forecasting. CBS does it during the temp scroll. ABC just now in snow totals. Talk about pandering.

  4. Anonymous

    what is the socially acceptable timeframe to start the loud snowblower? i’m itching to play with power tools today.

    • TheWizard

      I fired up the plow truck at 6:30 today. Unfortunately, I only had 3/4″ of ice to play with, but it’s better than nothing.

  5. The New Normal

    the storm was not over-hyped based on actual accumulation in New England

    whether state and local government overreacted is a matter of opinion (I tend to agree that they probably did)

    but we shouldn’t mix facts (“4.5 inches”, “dusting”) with what actually transpired

    • New normal,

      Please tell CF that he measure snow accumulation like he values homes – on the low side… Next, you can point out your usual sources, references, data and facts.. Perhaps global warming statistics and temperature trends along with actual greenwich snowfall increases in recent years.. And I suppose next year we will get an epic 8000 inches … To the moon

      • In the 2010-2011 winter we had an unrelenting series of snow storms, which were blamed on “climate change”. In October 2011 we had a freak snowstorm, which was blamed on climate change/severe weather/global warming. Following that, we went the rest of 2011, all of 2012 and most of the winter of 2013 without snow and we blamed it on “global warming”.
        Color me skeptical.

      • The New Normal

        The world is warming, there is no debate there

        Also without debate is the fact that there was massive snowfall with blizzard Nemo, in Greenwich and even in Riverside, that exceeded much more than 4.5 inches, which cannot by anyone’s definition be construed as a mere “dusting”

        The causes, as well as responses (can we realistically do anything about it?), are debatable

        Simple-minded individuals like to ignore facts and history if it doesn’t fit into their myopic paradigm. They are typically the ones that don’t learn from their mistakes even after they are proven wrong later

        • “Simple-minded individuals like to ignore facts and history if it doesn’t fit into their myopic paradigm. They are typically the ones that don’t learn from their mistakes even after they are proven wrong later”

          You’re talking about New Deal Democrats and their unbroken history of failure since then, right? I’m with you brother.

        • The New Normal

          I am a conservative, and an outspoken one at that

          There is no question that liberals have made more mistakes from not learning from history than have conservatives – but part of that could also be attributed to the fact that liberals are constantly looking for “change” and disrupting the status quo, while conservatives are typically trying to preserve the current state

          I espouse looking at things objectively and reacting accordingly given the information we have – history is the best guide – but we must remember that the world is constantly changing, so history cannot be the “only” guide….

        • AJ

          Of course there’s no debate: the science has been decided. Nevertheless you’ve got your facts wrong.

          “…The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week.
          The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.
          This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996. Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years…”


        • AJ

          Russia is laughing at stupid, gullible Americanskis:

          ‘Global warming, the tool of the West’

          “For years, the Elites of the West have cranked up the myth of Man Made Global Warming as a means first and foremost to control the lives and behaviors of their populations. Knowing full well that their produce in China and sell in the West model and its consequent spiral downward in wages and thus standards of living, was unsustainable, the elites moved to use this new “science” to guilt trip and scare monger their populations into smaller and more conservatives forms of living. In other words, they coasted them into the poverty that the greed and treason of those said same elites was already creating in their native lands…”


  6. Pinzgauer

    because they have figured out that fear sells.
    on another note back Greenwich got hammered pretty good

  7. AJ Nock

    4.5 inches? You are off by a factor of 3. But the 70mph winds never happened. It was another Weather Channel over-hype.

  8. Riversider

    14 inches in this Riverside yard

  9. Anonymous

    Mid Country “Golden Triangle” got about 18″!!!!! My arctic breed dog just LOVES this weather!!!!

  10. Mickster

    That’s nothing to be proud of – you sure you’re not Irish? LOL
    Anyway, you’re full of it – I live around the corner from you and I’ve just shovelled 16 inches in my driveway.

    • Did your doting wife tell you it was 16″, you poor mick, or did you just compare it with, well, you know….

      • Mickster

        I’ll be right over…

        • Libertarian Advocate

          I remember Lynne Samuels (RIP) cracked a joke on her long ago WABC radio program that went something like this: Why are women so bad at lengths and distances? Because men keep telling them that 7 inches are really 10 inches.

  11. TheWizard

    You’re right, when I was a kid in the 70’s anything less than 6″ generally did not alter our school schedule. Back when the buses had manual transmissions and tire chains.

  12. Greenwich Gal

    CF – you sound so OLD! I guess you walked to school uphill both ways, too!

    • Uphill both ways and through chest-deep snow, while keeping a watchful eye out for Indians.

      • AJ

        You’re right about keeping the watchful eye. Remember when the mailman found the mummified severed hand under the mailbox that sat out in front of the Tomac Cemetery? I think that was in the early 60s. And I remember a neighbor digging up an arrowhead when he was turning the soil in his vegetable garden in OG. But scariest of all is that poor soul’s skull with the arrowhead stuck in it that they have over at the Bruce Museum.

  13. Peg

    “We used to be better and stronger than this.”

    Well, yeah – before we went to 24/7 Nanny State R Us.

  14. Anon58

    Excellent points. The hype is ridiculous. Not gonna change, though.

  15. LAK

    We’re buried, but my Irishman went out to get DD!! xxoo

    • The instinct that drives cops to Dunkin Donuts is as strong as the urge to fly south once was for our geese.

      • LAK

        He never could get to DD in Greenwich working. I dont think?? Not sure when the first DD opened up? The DD is mainly for me..he could care less.

        • Jerry Kennedy ran the Dunkin Donuts in Cos Cob back in the late 60s and into the 70s. Great guy – coffee and a donut combo cost a quarter and it came with Jerry, who’d sit on one of the counter stools while puffing a huge cigar and dispense wisdom to us long haired kids who, at least in his opinion, needed to be told how the world really worked. He was probably right.
          Jerry also had a policy of handing out free coffee and donuts to the cops, encouraging them to stop by even after hours when only a baker was on premises, because he figured it was a cheap crime deterrent. These days the cops aren’t allowed to accept such “bribes”, so they send a rookie down from headquarters to pick up headquarter’s order – and he pays for it, too. Even as a cop-wary hippy, I never saw anything wrong with them getting a free sugar cruller, but that was before their salaries were raised to $500,000 (did GPD tell you about that raise or does he still have you under the impression that he’s pulling down $15,000?)

  16. GPD Folk

    I knew Jerry Kennedy as well….good guy…what was most interesting is that it seemed as if he was always there mornings, evenings didn’t matter, Jerry was there. Side note: his wife owned the frame shop on East Putnam by Sheephill Rd. nice lady. Years later when Dean Monahan owned the DD in Cos Cob…the same was true…. the coffee was free for the cops. On midnights we would walk through the back door and make our own. I never considered it anything other than the owner saying thanks to us for being out there. Today it’s much different and you almost get the feeling that everyone in the place is watching to see if you pay…..we do….and that’s perfectly OK with me too…….BTW we only make $450,000.00!🙂

  17. Anonymous

    was it jerry or dean who drove the corvette?

  18. Anonymous

    red vette

  19. Anonymous

    11″ at my Riverside house. Won the family pool on “guess the snow we are going to get”.

  20. GPD Folk

    White one …I think!

  21. Flower Power

    All the activists are in wheelchairs now!

  22. anonymous

    So sweet all you old timers sitting around the pot bellied stove jawboning, i version. Meanwhile, in back country, here comes the wind, no doubt power outage to follow.

  23. pulled up in OG

    So what’s the deal? You got a doctor’s note keepin’ you and your delicate condition from gettin’ intimate with a snow shovel? Or you payin’ Mexicans or Cobbers to do it? Cause there’s no fucking way you cleaned up this dusting.

    Fourteen, by the way.

    • In a case of extremely bad timing, we gave Humphries this weekend off. He offered to return to clear the walks, good fellow, but between his poor child being struck by a truck Thursday and his wife in hospice, we insisted that he not come in until Sunday. Martha and I will just have to stir the martinis ourselves; assuming we can find the instruction book.
      Self-sacrifice in the name of the poor can be so gratifying, if only for a short while.