If it saves the life of just one Dreamliner …

And stop calling me stupid

And stop calling me stupid

Democrat Congressman Gerald Connolly tells constituents we need new gun control laws to keep stinger missiles from the hands of citizens. The next time you read a liberal’s call for a new constitution, one drafted by modern politicians instead of dead white idiots like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, picture Gerry Connolly at the writing desk.


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10 responses to “If it saves the life of just one Dreamliner …

  1. Daniel

    Clicked on the site and my computer went into fits about malware.

  2. D

    Common with these idiots – they think advocating for the 2nd amendment means protecting access to rocket launchers and fully automatic weapons.

  3. weakleyhollow

    Most of us Virginians aren’t too proud of Gerry. A goodly chunk of his constituents work for the feds. I don’t think we called him stupid. We called him “mohron”.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately a good chunk of everybody’s constituents now work for government whether fed or state.
      When Obama talks about job creation, he means them.

  4. AJ

    You might be hard pressed to find a stinger seeing as how the US (according to the Russians) have been giving them to the Syrian Rebels, i.e., Al Queda. Russia: “Syrian Rebels Using US-Made Stinger Missiles’

    • weakleyhollow

      There’s one sure way to confirm that it’s false; hear an official Russian source claim that it’s true.

      • AJ

        Unfortunately, nowadays if you have to pick between a Russian source and the MSM or the current administration, the Russian source is more likely to be true. According to Reuters, Obama did not go skeet shooting on August fourth, the day the skeet shooting picture was supposedly taken, but played golf and then retired for dinner.

        If someone will lie about something as inconsequential as to whether he played golf or went shooting on his birthday — at least Clinton’s Monica lie was understandable — he will lie about anything. Of course the government never lies about, stages, or fakes anything; just like this photo here. You’d be hard pressed to find something more authentic than this: http://conservative50plus.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/laughingO.jpg Maybe it’s just me, but is the President’s wrist looking a teeny weeny bit metrosexual limp, ah, I mean chic?

        What’s most disturbing is the current government’s amateurism. As any con artist criminal can tell you, you should only tell big lies, whoppers, because that way you won’t get tripped up as to whether you said this or whether you said that. These guys are apparently too stupid to even know that, as they will lie about everything and anything, even if there’s no point to it.

  5. AJ

    Congressman Connolly should join up with Congressman Hank Johnson: they would make a dynamic duo. And in their absence, Dollar Bill could channel their thoughts for the rest of us.