No wonder it’s the most expensive land in Greenwich

Your view may have differed this morning, depending on whether you’re Irish

Sunrise in Riverside

Sunrise in Riverside


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14 responses to “No wonder it’s the most expensive land in Greenwich

  1. Mickster

    Going stir-crazy over here….anybody go out in OG/Riv – anything open?
    I guess there are people out there…see camera at Lockwood Lane overlooking I95

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    The Mickster has the right idea. Web cams!! All the hotties have them. It’s a great way to kill some time on a snow day, like today.

    Check out She is into water sports, and I don’t mean swimming.

    Or She is a dom, who likes to humiliate men. I think she is local. She makes me laugh. A little old though, a blue hair type, but you may like her. But she has a fascination with dirt, and is you can’t compute 6% of any number you get punished. And she has a speech impediment. She can’t say F#$k. She pronounces it FAR and shouts it out constantly. Be warned, it can be frightening.

    Do you have a web cam on your computer? You really should get one. This way you can interact with them, and they can mete out your discipline properly when you are a bad little boy.

    Is CVS open? Can we use the roads yet?

    Pizza Dude? Pizza?
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Are we back to moderating comments again? For everyone, or just me?
    You facist.
    Pick me up for lunch.
    Your Pal,

  4. KMA

    Need one of those Hummers to get around. Snow plow guy here..yea all you pathetic bloggers poking around Greenwich real estate, the land of wannabes.

    your pal,

  5. Cobra

    Just traveled from upper Lake Ave., which is totally clear, down to the Post Road in search of today’s newspapers. Surprisingly, the Post Road is a sloppy mess and no WSJ, or any other newspapers, at the Stop ‘n Shop or the A&P. Could it be that the Post Road is a State thoroughfare and thus plowed by State trucks while Lake Avenue is a town road, maintained by Greenwich plows? If so, I’m guessing Malloy told his union lackies to ignore lower Fairfield County and concentrate on roadways in Bridgeport and other municipalities infested by his adoring Democrap welfare/food stamp recipients.

  6. Mickster

    CVS & Starbucks – Riverside closed – McDs open.
    CVS – Old Greenwich open
    Shop Rite – open – so quite a few places are open.
    Sound Beach Ave and Post Road totally clear in the area.
    Funny to bump into CF also looking for a cup of coffee.

    • Walt

      How do you know he was in search of coffee? What was he wearing?

      Day glow pants and camouflage jacket, with a propeller beanie on top? Or a gingham house dress with slippers and a head band?

      You said Starbucks was closed, but CVS was opened. What aisle was he in? Toys or feminine hygiene products?
      McDonalds was open, but he wasn’t in his clown suit, was he? Plus I doubt he was out for burgers. He still has my Pepe’s Pizza. Half peperoni half sausage.

      The rat bastard.

  7. AJ

    I know that picture is a fake because you cannot see the sunrise from Riverside without seeing it come up over Tod’s Point.

      • Riverside

        Maybe the palm trees are a tip off too?

        • AJ

          Everyone on the water in Riverside has potted palms in their backyard; some people just photoshop them right in (as if buyers wouldn’t notice when they come to view the property, but then, that’s what sales pitches are for). Hell, they’ve even got fake palms on the deck at the ski area down the road. Palms are indicative of nothing; you have to dig deeper than that.

          CF’s getting pretty slick, one more drink and that one would have slid right by me. If I hadn’t spent hundreds of my younger days water skiing between Pilot Rock Lane and Bluff Island (watch out for that hidden rock), I might have been more easily fooled, and then, shame on me again. But to quote W. one more time, “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.”, and that got me thinking, hey, where are all the people fishing at the picnic area, did they all go to the end of Steamboat Road? Where’s the picnic area for that matter: something is not right here!