Thoughts while waiting for permission to leave my room

Greenwich Democrat Headquarters, Gun Surrender day

Greenwich Democrat Headquarters, Gun Surrender day

Besides the entertainment value of keeping a trained monkey like Dollar Bill on these pages and watching him perform tricks at the command of his masters, he also provides a clear view of those same masters’ game. When DB and the swarm insist that “no one is talking about confiscation of guns”, the proper response is, “why not?” The ideal world in DB Land is one without guns, so why would he stop with laws that merely harass gun owners rather than allow his blue helmet crowd to march into homes and seize them (a goal admitted by many lawmakers in their unguarded moments, like this one)? Because, just like another of the Democrat’s solutions for creating Eden in America, single payer medicine, they lack the political power to get it, for now.

As ObamaKare fails, look for them to insist that we “move on” to the next step. When gun laws affecting law abiding citizens fail to stop violence by criminals, do you have any doubt that “the next step” will be further restrictions? And still further, until there are no guns left in the hands of private citizens?

So when they deny that their newest batch of laws are intended to lead to the confiscation of your guns, ask why not? Why is the party of no restraint stopping short of what it wants?

By the way, hunting rifles? Democrats oppose hunting, too.


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28 responses to “Thoughts while waiting for permission to leave my room

  1. Tawm

    Exactly right — the governing elite’s agenda is quite obvious — disarm the people to ensure dissent is toothless. USSA — here we come!

  2. Peg

    People like DBill can’t think beyond the tip of their nose (if that far). OF COURSE the ultimate goal is the repeal of the Second Amendment. The people desiring these laws hate guns; they want them banished.

    One need only look at so many other policies which the leftists have embraced, without thinking of virtually any consequences. “Expand housing for all”… how did that work when loans and ownership responsibility were given to people who really were not prepared to responsibly deal with it? More and more welfare and unemployment insurance ad infinitum…. no concept whatsoever that when you take away the need for a job and personal responsibility, you then destroy it.

    People on the right make plenty of mistakes; not looking at the consequences of policies is not exclusively the domain of leftists. The big difference that I see, however, is more on the right are willing to own up to their errors and then correct them. The DBill’s of the world want it to go on and on and on…… Until we are destroyed under the weight of these idiotic policies and laws.

    • Demmerkrat Patriot

      Has the “right” owned up to destroying the 4th Amendment yet by enacting the Patriot Act?

      Stupid isn’t right or left, it’s everyone inside the beltway. Rather than label me or you, how about we just call them ALL stupid, self-centered, greedy idiots.

      The only difference today is the democrat idiots are in charge rather than the republican idiots.

  3. Anonymous

    Gun control or the lack of it is a states right issue

    • It’s no more a state’s right issue as it is a national one. We have rights that belong only to ourselves, not granted by any government, state, local or federal.

      • Anonymous

        god given rights all depends on whose god

        • Well I live in America, so Ill go with the god of the founders. Beats whatever Harry Reid’s offering.

        • AJ

          Try natural rights or inalienable rights, or try reading John Locke for context, but whatever you’d like to call them, they are what makes America America. If you don’t like it, you can leave — I did. I find Canada to be much less of a police state than present day America, and I feel like I’m entering a third world country everytime I drive down there. What happened to Cher, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, and Alec Baldwin? I thought they were all going to leave the country if W. was elected. Hey guys, talk is cheap; why don’t you put you’re money where your mouth is. If you like the way they do it in Europe then you should move there, and leave America alone.

      • Anonymous

        Good luck with that

    • Peg

      Only as far as that control doesn’t violate our 2nd amendment rights. I know that some are trying to do away with our Constitution altogether. Nevertheless, we still do have one, we still have laws about how to go about amending it – and we still have a Supreme Court. They have (so far) pretty much ruled in favor of strong 2nd amendment rights to bear arms.

  4. Daniel

    In competition with New York for the strictest laws. When did this become a competition?

  5. Pete

    Slightly off topic, but I thought DB might appreciate this.

    Best Layoff Letter Ever
    As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%

    But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.

    So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty “Obama” bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to go. I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change…..I gave it to them.

    I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.

  6. Dollar Bill

    Peg: No one is talking about repealing the 2nd amendment. That is a Tea Party strawman that sounds like it came out of the mouth of Michele Bachmann, probably one of your favorite politicians. Peg, when the law says you cannot yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre, does that mean that is some infringement of the First Amendment? Of course, not. All rights have some limiting principle, or collide with other rights. The difference in your case is that you 2nd amendment absolutist nut jobs recognize no such limiting principle when it comes to guns, and you refuse to compromise, even when the ugly consequences are all around you. Again, you wouldn’t be spouting this BS if it were your child were riddled with bullets. It’s absolutely insane. Even Nino Scalia, your favorite Supreme, recognizes the need for common sense gun restrictions.

    • What happened to all your other “commonsense gun restrictions”, DB? Your type has been piling them on since the sale of long rifles was banned from interstate commerce after JFK’s assassination, yet crime just continues so you pass more laws. When do you stop? And my question of the morning, why do you stop?
      Tell us you don’t want to see a country without firearms, Bill, tell us that you cherish my right to own a gun – I’d like to quote you at the next meeting of your fellow Greenwich Democrats.

      • Peg

        I wonder how $ Bill can see into the deepest recesses of my mind? Actually – I cannot stand Michele Bachmann (even though I share many of her fiscal beliefs). The woman is a homophobe and a bit of a nut job, too.

        Yes, rights to collide. That being said, so far our Supreme Court has agreed with me that people have rights to firearms that cannot be restricted in ways that $ Bill and his buddies would like. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for $ Bill and Co. to realize that much of what they want passed won’t make us any “safer” nor save any lives, etc., etc. Criminals don’t follow the laws…. uh – that’s WHY they are criminals!

        And – perhaps $ Bill can answer some of these questions. Why is it that in some communities where our nation has the strongest of gun laws already, we find that gun violence and death is higher than anywhere else? Why is it that President Obama isn’t enforcing the gun laws that we already have on the books? (In case $ Bill isn’t aware, federal gun prosecutions are down about 40% in contrast to where then were under GWB.)

        I await $ Bill’s wisdom!

    • AJ

      That’s right Bill, when you abuse your first amendment rights you could be subject to criminal or civil penalties, same thing with the second amendment: abusing it by shooting up people or their property could get you in trouble with the law. But let’s follow your example of the first amendment: I believe that what you are suggesting is that everyone should have to be walking around with a ball gag stuffed in their mouth, and that after raising their hand and writing down their intentions and what they would say, some government official could come along and unlock the gag for a predetermined allotment of time. Only politically correct speach would be allowed. Good example, Dollar Bill.

      Here’s a beautiful little speach about PC starting at 2:50 of the video. Mr. Obama is not amused:

  7. Daniel

    What is “common sense”? All of my handguns have 15 round magazines and the state wants to limit them to 10. Why?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Daniel: “[C]ommon sense gun restrictions,” are whatever restrictions Looney, Bye Lawlor, Feinstein, Schumer and all the rest of their cohort demand they be and to hell all who disagree with them.

  8. AJ

    If we don’t give up guns the rest of the world is going to kick our ass, so says singer Tony Bennett, who should probably stick to singing. Article with video:

    • Cobra

      Bennet not only left his heart in San Francisco, but his brain has gone missing, as well. He should stick to focussing on changing his Depends and not the Second Amendment.

  9. D

    They just don’t get it:

    “The Senators [Feinstein & Boxer] feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons from law enforcement and private citizens so no one else gets hurt,” said a Senate communications intern. “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”


    • I’m going to give Feinstein the benefit of the doubt, for now, because the “quote” sounds exactly like something I might make up and while I don’t doubt the senator is capable of saying such a stupid thing, I can find no link back to anything but a blogger. I sense that like me, he’s going after the truth of the matter rather than confining himself strictly to what some might say are the facts.
      But I would be delighted if my scepticism proves wrong.