Animal lovers 1, humans 0

Don't let the brat get way!

Don’t let the brat get way!

London Mother’s hysterical screams as fox gnaws off her baby’s finger alarm, upset neighbors. Whilst some observers think that this might be time to consider resuming fox hunting on a limited scale (tough to do when even sharp scissors are banned over there) the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals blames the mother for her carelessness:

An RSPCA spokeswoman said the only reason a fox would attack is due to fear.

“It’s extremely unusual for foxes to attack young children or anyone,” she said.

“It’s not typical fox behaviour at all. Foxes will come closer to a house if there are food sources. Then they can become quite bold, but they usually do back off and run away when there’s people around.”

A spokesman for Lewisham Council described the attack as “very tragic but rare” and said there were currently no procedures in place to tackle growing fox numbers in the area.

“Our procedure is to offer advice and trying to help people understand foxes will come through their area and what their natural habitat is,” he said.

“Obviously that doesn’t take away from the terrible things that happen, but it is very rare for a fox to come into a house.

“We will continue to encourage people to realise that keeping gardens and streets free of litter and do all they can to keep that message at the forefront of peoples’ minds.”

UPDATE: The British group trying to restore fox hunting to England is coming our way to solicit funds for the cause. You might say it’s an opportunity to give the finger – a finger, anyway – to the RSPCA

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6 responses to “Animal lovers 1, humans 0

  1. Is this the same breed of fox that Gideon promotes as a price appreciating animal species in riverside?


  2. I thought fox ban was in effect…..

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    I am glad the baby is ok. I really am. But I can’t help myself!!

    What do you call a baby with bite marks on it’s face and missing one finger? Foxy!!

    While I am at it: What’s more fun than strapping a baby to a clothesline and then spinning it around at 50 MPH?? Stopping it with a shovel !!

    What’s more fun than stapling babies to a wall? Ripping them off again.

    It’s the snow. The snow made me do it. Really.
    Your Pal,

  4. stranger

    Had it happened in New England, I’d say the mother and child should start rabies shots.

    I know, I know, England is supposed to be free of rabies, but…what if? It’s unusual for foxes to attack humans. There’s the chunnel, after all. If there’s been a recent rash of foxes attacking children, had it happened here, it would align with behavior expected in a rabies epidemic.