Belle Haven’s Sean Dunne: I was climbing the Jungfrau, damn it!

I'm not where you think I am

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Superior Court hearing tomorrow on Mr. Dunne’s attempt to avoid his Irish creditors.

While the State’s so-called ‘bad bank’ continues to insist that Ms Killilea-Dunne acquired millions of dollars worth of properties in Greenwich,Connecticut, using money provided by her husband, lawyers for Mr Dunne will ask Judge Brassel Mazzaro to throw the case out on the grounds that the courts of Connecticut have no jurisdiction in the matter.

Central to the case, Mr Dunne’s legal team will argue in Connecticut tomorrow, is that neither he or his wife had any residence in or connection to either Connecticut or the United States at the time when Nama alleges he transferred a valuable property in the Swiss city of Geneva to her. The so-called “Geneva transfer” and the proceeds which Nama believes flowed from it form a central plank in the agency’s claim that Ms Killilea-Dunne received millions of dollars from her husband to buy real estate in Connecticut, depriving them of monies he owes them in the process.

Judge Mazzaro will be told how at the time of the Geneva transaction which began in January 2009 and concluded in January 2010, Mr Dunne and Ms Killilea-Dunne were both residents of Switzerland.

This might explain why Mr. Dunne denied ownership of 421 Field Point Road so spiritedly when questioned in 2010 by a Greenwich Time reporter:  little Jimmy Olsen was screwing up Dunne’s legal defense.

Dunne vehemently denied ownership of the property during a testy exchange with a reporter and photographer Wednesday outside 421 Field Point Road, a $7 million Mediterranean-style villa where town records show him living and neighbors say he is currently renting. “Not on my property, sir,” Dunne said when confronted about the demolition work. “I can only account for my own actions.”

But Dunne’s home address is listed as 38 Bush Ave. with the secretary of the state’s office, where his real estate development firm Mountbrook USA is on file with the commercial recording division as a limited liability company.

Reached Thursday on his cell phone, Dunne again denied he owned the property, which was purchased for $2 million on April 16 of this year.

“My God, very interesting. Send me all the deeds and we’ll sell the property together,” Dunne said before hanging up the telephone.


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2 responses to “Belle Haven’s Sean Dunne: I was climbing the Jungfrau, damn it!

  1. gonzo

    he moved out of belle haven over 2 years ago…

  2. Anonymous

    He lives very quietly in Mead Point – Renting