Filthy, dirty, reusable bags

Service entrance in the rear

Service entrance in the rear

Same story I linked to last week but now the mainstream press has picked it up, and San Francisco Chronicle’s Debra Saunders isn’t impressed with her idiot neighbors: the ban on plastic grocery bags is making people sick.  Two items of note – first, the study examined the health of residents of San Francisco and apologists for the ban say that it’s unfair to blame the bags for the bugs their resident population of fudge packers pick up in their intestinal system. I’m not making this up – here’s the exact quote:

If the professors had consulted with an epidemiologist, they would have understood how the city’s unique demographics contribute to specific intestinal issues.

Er, ..eewww? Second, remember those energy savings? Here’s how advocates of the cloth bags say to take care of them:

Designate specific bags for meats and fish. Wash these bags regularly – preferably after each shopping trip – to get rid of bacteria. If your bag is fabric, toss it in the washing machine with jeans, and if it’s a plastic material, let it soak in a basin filled with soapy water and either the juice of half a lemon or about a quarter cup of vinegar.

Does that sound like saving energy saving to you? How you heating that wash water, thunder brains?

Saunders continues,

Ask your friends and family how many of them regularly wash their reusable bags – ask how many folks ever have done any of the above steps – and you can intuit that a ban on plastic bags might not be the brightest idea.

California politicians didn’t even bother studying the possible health effects of their anti-bag laws. They were in such a hurry to tell their constituents what’s best for them, they forgot to check how their busybody scheme might go wrong.

Other things wrong with the ban

— It’s another nanny state law that coerces law-abiding shoppers to change their conduct.

— Single-use bags are not the problem. In 2011, they represented 0.13 percent of California’s total waste stream.

— According to the British Environment Agency, consumers have to reuse a cloth bag 131 times to present lesser global warming impact than conventional bags.

And washing them wears them out.


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12 responses to “Filthy, dirty, reusable bags

  1. Anonymous

    Old bags should never be reused. Fresh is better, just ask Walt.

  2. LAK

    Do cloth diaper services still exist?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    This is off topic but important. More so than used bags. You used bag.

    Barry has ordered all of the Marines marching in his Inaugural Day Parade to have the bolts removed from their rifles. Rendering them inoperable. So he doesn’t trust them. What does this tell you?

    He would not have to worry about the protection afforded him by the USMC if he were honoring his oath to support and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. But he is hell bent to destroy our Constitution, which he has taken a solemn Oath to honor and protect, and that is why he fears our military. They see it. And they respect and honor the Constitution, and die to defend it.

    Barry sees it as a racist, obsolete document, which must be destroyed.

    To distrust the very people who protect this great Nation, who he “leads” as Commander in Chief, is a disgrace. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt more than he supports our troops. Bill Ayers, a known terrorist, and an FBI “Most Wanted” alumni, is his philosophical father. He is arming DHS to serve as his private Gestapo, buying millions of rounds of hollow point bullets, while putting a full court press on to repeal the Second Amendment, to disarm law abiding citizens, who only wish to protect themselves. He will decide who has he God given right to protect themselves.

    He has empowered Unions to destroy our educational system. Twinkies are bankrupt because of the socialist unions. ObamaCare will take over 20% of the US economy, and allow people who currently work at the DMV or Post Office to decide who lives or dies. That sounds like a good idea.

    They will regulate us all to live in little 300 SQF apartments, drive matchbox cars, and not have more than 1.5 evil little spawns. Soda, cigarettes and booze will be banned. We will get to munch carrots, in our little bunny hutches, looking at pictures of Barry and the Wookie eating filet mignon. Wealth will have been redistributed, and diversity achieved. We will all be the same.

    Isn’t that wonderful?

    Brunch tomorrow?
    Your Pal,

    • I am no fan of the Golfer in Chief but a bunch of soldier types have reported that the no-bolt edict is from the Secret Service and has been in effect at least since Nixon’s days. Anwar Sadat being shot at a military review probably didn’t help sooth the Secret Service’s nerves, either.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        If that is the case, why not just be honest and give them cap guns? Or let them shoot finger triggers.

        This is why political correctness is so wrong. Let’s be honest about the problems we face, and then maybe we can actually deal with them. Instead, we choose to pretend? WTF is that all about? If the Secret Service or the President doesn’t trust the Marines to honor and protect, just say it. Then let’s deal with it. And maybe actually fix a problem.

        Instead, we choose to ignore it. We pretend everyone is the same, yet preach diversity. We pretend gun ownership is bad, and lawful citizens shouldn’t own them, but criminals should. We pretend regulations will fix this, and not deal with mental illness, or inner city crime.

        If everyone is the same, why do we need Affirmative Action, and lower the standards, so we all are equal? Why is dumbing down a country a good thing? Affirmative Action essentially admits blacks are inferior. And no Lib has a problem with that? It’s a disgrace.

        GRAMMY’S ARE ON!! Taylor Swift would be a fun ride!!

        Your Pal.

      • Anonymous

        Not true CF.

        Check out the video posted form the 2009 inauguration. Around the 1:24 mark, you can see the bolts. This is from C-Span. Something is up.

  4. Anonymous

    your preaching to the choir. normally i would dismiss such extreme language, but in this case i agree. at some point he will pull the rug out from underneath the capital markets as well..we all know stocks are up and many are scratching their head b/c EVERYONE knows the economy is flat on its back but the perception of unlimited QE keeps the momentum going …this will end, there is a brutal bear market in the offing (it may be next year, history dictates the second year of a second term for re elected democratic is generally bear mkt) and when it happens, it wont hurt him ..he simply will shut down speculation completely claiming its harmful – the country is close to the brink …i wish more people cared

  5. AJ

    But what if a child’s head were to find its way into a plastic bag and just like a lobster in a trap not be able to find his way out, or if a swordfish were to get one stuck on his snout and unable to find his way about pierced some young swimmer through the heart? Bet you never thought of that! So are you ready to concur and defer to the better interests of humanity?

  6. weakleyhollow

    Maybe the health Nazis should mandate that unpackaged food be placed in a plastic bag before being placed in a reusable bag. If it saves just one life…