Is nothing sacred (ground)?

1066 and all that

1066 and all that

Historians: Battle of Hastings may have occurred two miles further east than was thought. Hey – it’s only been 947 years – give’em time to get it right. As the last battle of the last war the French* won, you don’t want to make a careless error in location.

* Okay, they were Vikings, but they sailed from France and given the sorry story of French military prowess, that’ll have to do.


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12 responses to “Is nothing sacred (ground)?

  1. Walt

    Speaking of history, I think you made a faux paw. Why no mention of Black History Month? Let’s correct that. Shall we?

    We all know about George Washington Carver. He who cut down a cheery tree, couldn’t tell a lie, and invented hundreds of uses for the cucumber. Some pretty perverted. But useful.

    How about Louis Armstrong? He was a famous horn blower who also invented floor tiles, so people could dance while he played.

    Malcolm Z – Not to be confused with his brother X, Z invented the drive by shooting, do rags, and wearing your underwear outside of your pants. I like that look!! Some say he invented the sideways pistol grip, but this has never been established.

    We all know Stevie Wonder, the great recording artist. But few also know he enjoyed to bake, and invented Wonder Bread. No one ever told him it was white bread, a secret he still doesn’t know until this day.

    And how about Muhammad Ali AKA Cassius Clay? Now Cassius Clay was a totally cool name. Anyhows, in addition to being one of the greatest boxers of all time, he also invented Howard Cosell.

    There are plenty more black contributions I will cover later. The sideways baseball cap, $300 sneakers, soul food, and grape soda to name but a few.

    What is your favorite Black History month moment?
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    every month is black history month now ..take the storm for example..the tone from govt. was “stay and inside and do nothing, thats what we are best at” this country has officially gone down the tubes. additionally listent to the mother of the young girl senselessly gunned down in chicago…she turns it political and bascially blames white men for her daughters death long before proper, self respecting citizens, who’s family fought and died for this country stand up to what is going on..instead of just spewing on bloggs in greenwich ct.?

    • TheWizard

      One step at a time.
      We’re at a disadvantage with a national media that loves big government and provides cover for leftists no matter how blatant the hypocrisy.
      If we had an honest media that attacked everyone like they do conservatives, the left would never win another national election.

    • Oh please! Greenwich, Ct is so white even the karate Dojo’s there don’t have black belts.

      Brothers, be honest with me .. Why are there no fried chicken joints, rim shops, gold teeth grill stores or FuBu clothing retailers in greenwich?

      I heard that cos cob had a pawn shop and a rib restaraunt but, they closed down due to lack of business…

      Heck, about the only thing more white than greenwich would have to be Darien!

      Your pal,

      • Anonymous

        you say that like it’s a bad thing?

        it’s not politically correct, but it’s worth paying extra for.

        dr. and mrs. benjamin carson are welcome to live in greenwich, ct anytime they want.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          I am sick and tired of Greenwich being portrayed as a bony assed lily white WASP community. You bony assed lily white WASP.

          As of the 2010 census, Greenwich was 88% white, 7% Asian (that is both gooks and Jap’s) 2% black, and 3% everything else, including mutt’s. So that is pretty diverse. And we have many things for our little black friends to enjoy.

          We have a Tommy Hilfiger store on the Avenue, where they can shoplift some clothes that they like. Or did that close? Or the store founded by the famous black designer, Kate Spade. Or did that close too? Will Old Navy work? I am pretty sure that is still there. Richards is probably out. Although the security guard in the lot is a black dude, and a really nice guy. So maybe.

          We have a lot of bike stores, so clipping one of them will never be an issue. We have an ice rink, but they can’t skate. Oh well. We have an Arthur Murray dance studio, but I am not sure they teach break dancing. But it doesn’t really matter, they are all born with natural rhythm. They should probably give Arthur dance lessons!! And there are plenty of liquor stores, and places to buy lottery tickets. Thank you, Francis!!

          We got the food covered as well. Wil Morton’s Rotisserie!! Great BBQ!! Oop’s! That closed. We do have Chicken Joe’s in Cos Cobb. That figures, right? And an authentic KFC, right over the border in Stamford, where they will feel more comfortable anyway. Plus they will have to go there to find a mall, so they can start a flash mob riot.

          And yes, it is OK to make fun of black stereotypes. Really. They actually have a very good sense of humor. Well except for Al Sharpton. And Jesse Jackson. And Barry. Other than that, we are good to go.

          And as Jamie Foxx just announced, blacks are the most talented people in the world. So they are smart enough to get it, and take it for what it’s worth.

          FWIW DUDE!!

          Your Pal,

      • Westchesterer

        Yeah, in westchester the federal government sued and forced small villages to integrate minorities through the development of low income housing projects. Now property taxes have gone up exponentially due to the burden created by the need to educate these these kids. What the feds did is criminal and how members of the community sat there and accepted it is even worse. The government doesn’t make things efficient, it is a burden to efficiency. The government doesn’t grant property rights, it steals them through zoning laws. The government does not protect you, it protects itself.

  3. Anonymous

    Normandy, Northmen (Vikings) and Celts, not Gauls.

  4. Fred2

    “As the last battle of the last war the French won.” Eh?

    Though “french” speaking, the Normans were not French, they did not consider themselves French and since they, their descendents the Anglo-Normans, then the English, spent basically a 1000 years fighting about it ( 800 to about 1800), I think we can safely say that they weren’t. The Normans cordially loathed the French, when Normandy first fell under John to the French it is notable how many of the Normans had to evacuate, their descendents spent the next 100’s of years trying to get back, eventually succeeding under Henry Vth, and then losing it to French perfidy ( again)

    I have nothing against that though, the Hapsburgs always did well conquering lands via the bedroom. The French have a talent for legal shenanigans.

    That being said, since the French DID eventually win the war for control of Gaul, and until about 1918 were in fact winning a large fraction of their land wars ( you recall that unpleasant Napoleon fellow only lost because EVERYONE else in Europe had to gang up to stop him, earlier fights against the Old Regime, ditto, ) that their recent lack of stellar successes is, frankly, no worse than the United States since Korea.

    • Walt

      Dude –
      Did someone say Napoleon?

      The reason why Napoleon was such a mean little prick is because he had a really tiny dick. Much smaller than most Frenchmen even. It’s true!! You can look it up.

      Napoleon’s doctor cut his little wanker off (Napoleon’s, not the Doctors) during his autopsy in 1821 (OUCH!!). Then he gave it to a priest in Corsica, who I guess had no Altar Boys, and must have been hard up. The micro penis has been compared over the years to a piece of leather, a shriveled eel and to beef jerky. It is only 1.5” long, and became the subject of many jokes. In 1927 it went on display in Manhattan, and everyone was aghast at how penis deprived the little General was.

      In 1977, a urologist (how appropriate!!) living in New Jersey purchased the modern-day relic for $3,000 and stored it under his bed until he died 30 years later. His daughter inherited Napoleon’s penis and has received at least one $100,000 offer. So now Napoleon’s little soldier lives in New Jersey!!

      Anyhows, even though he was penis deprived, he had a pair of giant balls, which made him a great General. And they were originally going to call the pastry named after him “Le petit branleur” but since it wasn’t a miniature, they went with Napleon instead.

      Your Pal,

  5. AJ

    Ah, the Vikings. My brother bought the soundtrack album to this movie back in 1958, and played it loudly first thing in the morning, every morning for about a year.