An ahistorical governor for an ahistorical time

And I've lost my mittens!

And I’ve lost my mittens!

“We’ve never had this much snow!” So whined Governor Malloy at a press conference held today to demonstrate his firm hand on the helm. The trouble with ignorance like his is that people believe him – hey, he’s the gov, right? Malloy is apparently still undecided whether to blame our current crop of white stuff on global warming or scary looking rifles, or both, but when he does, I’m sure his followers will believe that, too.

Here’s a snippet on another snowstorm, one Dannel didn’t study in school:

Blizzard of ’88

The official snowfall measurement for Hartford was a mere 19 inches, but that was taken at Trinity College, where the howling winds of the Blizzard of 1888 were hurling the snow down to Broad Street. Unofficial, and probably more accurate, measurements for this city were 36. Middletown got 50 inches,Marlborough 48, New Hartford 42.


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10 responses to “An ahistorical governor for an ahistorical time

  1. Mickster

    I don’t think his memory goes back that far, dufus!
    When he says “We’ve” he’s talking to the living, right?
    If so, then he’s correct!
    None of those he was speaking to would have been around in 1888!!!
    Should have been a lawyer…lol.

    • I presume that as governor he was using “we” to refer to the state he’s misgoverning and thus 1888 is entirely within his purview. He might even want to check historical records back to 1640 or so. And while record keeping was sketchy at the time, the last ice age ended no more than 10,000 years ago, a mere nanosecond in earth’s history. “Never” is a very broad term, and Dannel ought not to employ it if he doesn’t mean it.

  2. Mickster

    Presume/assume …you know what that does..

  3. Yeah, the Tea party had a few stinkers here & there. On the other hand there is Marco Rubio, Col West and Bobby Jindal. On the left, the fringes are running the party – Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi (Who thinks the amendment that mentions guns is the first one) and child-molester Menendez, to name just a few.

    I’ll take the tea-partiers instead of the toxic botox queen anyday.

  4. Westchesterer

    Another incompetent thug. If we let these thugs run the country, the only place they will run it is to the ground. Eh, but, they already have. I wonder what will happen to the thugs when there is a tax revolt. Will the thugs try to enforce the laws that legalize theft of labor(income tax) and property?

    I’m sure that the thugs believe they know how to spend your money better than you do, benefiting the statist welfare queens and the good old boys that are employed by the thugerment. Tax dollars are their opium.

  5. Fred2

    I know it’s a practice thing, but earlier this winter Montreal got a snowstorm which dumped 18″ in 6 hours. I understand the airport had to suspend operations for 30min, 5 hours in, to allow for an orderly shift change of the plow operators.

    I further understand general snow clearing operations for the city were substantially complete within 12 hours.

    And the highways never closed. But they went so far as to tell people to stay off the roads, please.

    Bunch of nanny state whiners do force the residents to put on snow tires for 4 months or get a fine if caught.

  6. wickets

    watching this dude on tv is an absolute horror….he cant even form a proper sentence……how the people of ct voted for him to be governor is beyond my comprehension.

  7. Reader

    Chris- You have been strangely quiet on the subject of Malloy’s new budget, which increases spending by 5%. Our state is dead broke and is ranked worst in debt plus unfunded liabilities, but he is proposing that we spend more.

  8. Publius

    The proper role of a state, in this case Connecticut, is to maintain state infrastructure including roads and bridges. It would appear that states like Connecticut, take resources (tax dollars) from their citizens and then proceed to create a large bureaucratic system focused on social needs as opposed to a more limited role like infrastructure.

    When events like this storm or Irene or Sandy occur, it is no more than a lesson in how corrupt the system of governments has become, not only here in CT, but the rest of the country. Connecticut is a third world country by today’s standards. It is embarrassing that a storm can take out major interstates and paralyze a large swath of the state.

    People get what they vote for and over time those that have the resources to leave will do so leaving behind a state in a death spiral with fewer people producing tax revenues and more people looking for benefits