Here’s a notable sale

7 Larkspur

7 Larkspur

7 Larkspur, off Sabine off Round Hill, has sold for $7.4 million. That price includes a second, 2-acre building lot. This was, to my taste, a really great house but if you want to know how dead the market has been, the house (without the extra lot) was offered in July 2011 for $6.3 million and its listing expired a year later. A few months later it was back and had a contract in 82 days. Also of interest is that only three weeks elapsed between contract and closing. Unless someone has an incredibly speedy lender, which can happen, this was an all cash deal. Buyers at this range can do that.


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17 responses to “Here’s a notable sale

  1. LAK

    Beautiful picture!!
    When you live way back there, how long does it take you to get to the store? Lol

  2. Anonymous

    Very tasteful house and great location. Is the second lot unambiguously build-able, or are there any significant hurdles before you can add a second house, or sell the lot to a builder?

    • I agree with the other commenter that as a 4-acre lot, it’s a better, prettier house than if it were carved up. I’d bet that the buyer feels that way too, but stay tuned.

  3. The New Normal

    way overvalued – can’t walk to school, to trains or bike to Tod’s Point; kids can’t walk to their friends’ houses

    and how are you supposed keep tabs on your neighbors with the houses spaced so far apart?

    • ShedLessToolMan

      New Normal,

      Stop projecting your opinions onto everyone else. This is why there is both chocolate and vanilla. This is why there are buyer’s brokers and seller’s brokers.

      There are some folks that prefer solitude, privacy and land and there are others who value community and convenience.. It is not that hard to figure out. Each person makes this decision based on their own sets of priorities. CF just listens to what they desire and then points them in the right direction to the property that suits their needs… I think you are missing this point.. The situation you describe is not ideal for every buyer. .. and you always talk about huge demand and price increases on the way and this place does not seem overvalued for what it is.. it is a really wonderful looking home.. not everyone wants to or needs to see their neighbors out the window or desires to walk to the local store.

      man, everyone sounds like Gideon on this blog lately.. soon, they will discount all the noise.


    • Anonymous

      and no easy access to I95 underpass or train tracks

  4. anon

    hefty tax bill: $60,659

  5. Anonymous

    Would be really difficult sell without the “extra” lot. The driveway goes across the lot and the way the house is positioned it would be difficult to sell off. Not surprised the first attempt failed as it would severely compromise the house to sell off the extra land. As a 4 acre + estate, it’s beautiful and price reflects it.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Now I do not profess to be a dirt expert like you and the reader, but that is the Kate Upton of houses. It would be a privilege to pinch a loaf on one of its many thrones. Or piss in that majestic pool. Any way we can still get a showing?

    Nothing on the Pope retiring?
    You heathen.

    Your Pal,

    • Walt,

      There is a chance we get a black pope. The archbishop from Ghana. If that happens , you will probably never run out of jokes.

      Your pal,


      • Walt

        There is also a chance Barry is not a Commie. But I am not counting on it.

        I would support a black Pope. Why not? He could institute a dancing Mass. That would be fun!! And bingo games and 50/50 pools would increase, so what’s not to like?

        But why are the Pope’s always Catholic? You are right, we should try this diversity thing, and mix it up a bit. Why not try a Jewish homo as Pope, and let’s see if that improves things. The first Pope was a Jew, so we have precedent, and he did a pretty good job. The homo part may be a stretch, but let’s try it out. What have we got to lose? Plus we could watch him shape shift. How cool would that be?

        And I didn’t know Pope’s could resign. I always thought it was like the Mafia, where you were in for life. Does he get a pension? Does he still get to drive around in the Popemobile and keep his funny hats? Does he stay in the Vatican? If not, where does he go? Does he swear off the Altar Boys?

        And the next Pope is the penultimate Pope, which is pretty scary, right? Penultimate means the next to last. I used that word just to impress the Dude!!

        Anyhows, St. Malachy, like 1000 years ago, predicted that after this next Pope, it’s basically ball game over. Now St. Malachy was Irish, so he may have just been on a drunken bender. The odds certainly favor that. Let’s hope so.

        It would be a pity if the Mick’s were finally right about something and called this one correctly.

        • Mickster

          I have my computer set to alert me of ant Irish/Mick jokes or insults. Would it be a beating that you’d be wanting, boyo?

        • Anonymous

          I’m pro-dancing mass. Like hat scene in Blues Brothers…cartwheels down he isle. Spice it up a bit.

  7. anonymous

    Already got one: