Pelosi: We’ll let you talk about guns – isn’t that enough?


Constitutional Scholar

Constitutional Scholar

Nancy Pelosi claims that the First Amendment protects gun owners’ right to bear arms. Or at least read about them in Field & Stream? Author Phillip Kerr also references the First Amendment as related to gun ownership rights in The Shot (fun book), but he’s British – as I understand our constitution, merely being un-American doesn’t make one British. But then, I’m not a former Democrat Speaker of the House, where the constitution is a flexible, living document to be interpreted as need requires.


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5 responses to “Pelosi: We’ll let you talk about guns – isn’t that enough?

  1. Anonymous

    Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving. Rumor has it she is bringing a student from Newtown, CT to the SOTU speech Tuesday. It’s Anyone’s guess who will sit next to Michelle but it won’t be Dr. Ben Carson!! He rocked the prayer breakfast. Odds on favorite is a deaf one armed Latina who swam across the Rio Grande and is now a straight A student at Harvard. Oh, and she’s a lesbian.

  2. Anonymous

    This oughta’ give Nancy, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer conniptions.

    Pistol Grip, no detachable magazine, not a firearm, and full auto!

  3. Anonymous

    I wasn’t far off. THREE ILLEGAL* IMMIGRANTS are invited to sit with Michelle at Obama’s SOTU address. Damn, who is going to shovel the White House walkways so M&B can get to the event.

    * in polotically correct democrat lingo, that would be UNDOCUMENTED.