Another buyer for 17 Sherwood

17 Sherwood

17 Sherwood Ave

17 Sherwood Avenue reported an accepted offer back in September but it must have fallen through, because it returned to the market awhile back and has been available since. But no longer; it is reported as “accepted offer” again today. I really liked this house – it’s an old antique, 1787, that’s pretty much sacrificed most of its historical significance to modernization and expansion, but it has charm (and the original main room, which is about 5′-10″ high) and still retains just over 2 acres of its land. The former owners paid $3.150 for it in 2007 – bad timing – did some decent renovations and then tried to get $3.495 in ’09 before losing it to the lender two years later. The bank’s been asking $1.899, which seemed a good deal to me, if not to actual buyers.

A tough layout for most people, including clients of mine who I showed it to, but a lot of very nice house for under $2 million.

Not much on the open house tour today because of school vacation, but I’ll poke around what is out there and report back.


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5 responses to “Another buyer for 17 Sherwood

  1. Russian River Valley

    That particular area is like fairyland. Expect to meet dwarfs and pumpkin carriages. Perfect place to grow weed and study for finals while the parents pay the rent.

  2. anonymous

    I don’t know about fairyland but there is something strange about that corner of Greenwich.

  3. Anonymous

    Someone is getting a good deal- I guess they finally dug a well. Great house for midgets!!