By God, here’s a campaign promise he kept!

Charity begins at home: Sasha and Malia admire new phone from the taxpayers

Charity begins at home: Sasha and Malia admire new phone from the taxpayers

WSJ: $2.2 billion spent providing Friends of Barry with free cellphones. No word on mortgages and birth control pills but surely if we can buy folks phones ….


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10 responses to “By God, here’s a campaign promise he kept!

  1. Article says the program started back in 1984…give credit to the right guy. I blame Reagan!!

  2. iAnon

    Just yesterday, in some online article linked via a tweet, a story of a woman who received two free Obama phones in the mail. She wasn’t poor. She didn’t ask for them. She called the company that sent them and said she didn’t want them and would like to send them back. He told her to just throw them away. Pretty pathetic. I wish I could find the article but so far no luck.

    If you don’t hear from Walt today, assume he’s taking lots of cold showers. Kate Upton was on the Today Show showing her “bathing suit” SI cover photo.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    The future Mrs. Walt is back!!

    And looking better than ever!! Don’t you just love her Aussie accent?
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    we had a currency back then

  5. Anon

    BUY THE MKT: Kate Upton making the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is good news for the stock market. If you think that sounds ridiculous, well, you’re absolutely right. But that’s what the data say, according to the analysts at Bespoke Investment Group, who have carefully crunched the numbers and found that, since 1978, when an American model makes the swimsuit cover, the S&P 500 is up 88% of the time, for an average total return (including dividend payments) of 14%.

    • As you might remember, Anon, my father was fond of the (true) story of an employee at the Department of Agriculture, years aback, who tracked the price of sultana raisins (whatever they are) and discovered a perfect correlation between their price and the DJI. He went back years and it was ironclad. Unfortunately, he made this discovery in 1929 when for the first time, the two indexes diverged. Damn!

  6. Peg

    A small price to pay for 4 more years!