He may be an idiot, but he’s a truth-speaking one

And that puts him way ahead of his boss.


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3 responses to “He may be an idiot, but he’s a truth-speaking one

  1. RL

    Just a SHAM to say well WE tried BUT its ALL BUSH’s fault and that terrible NRA group, they won’t let us take their rocket launchers and tanks and machineguns away. DEMO-FOOLS for feel good legislation lovers.

  2. Veteran

    Warning: This is a ten kleenex video, the memorial parade for Chris Kyle, the most famous sniper from the Navy SEALS who, after his death, didn’t even get a name mention from Obama. One commenter from another blog said it well: Obama is not fit to utter the name Chris Kyle.

    If you don’t weep watching this, you aren’t human.

  3. David Smith

    Speaking of TRUTH

    Has anyone besides me noticed that it has been SIX days and the LAPD still has not owned up to how many bullets they shot at the newspaper deliver ladies AND photos of the left side (driver’s) of the truck do not seem to exist.

    Statistically, based on the 40 bullets in the back and the 10 in the right the left could have from zero to 80 bullets in it.

    But, the police have decided there’s nothing we need to know about the left side of some piece of junk.