Is Paris burning?

Death Panel

Death Panel

One small part of it is, apparently. Frenchman self-immolates after being denied unemployment benefits. So far, Obama has contented himself with merely encouraging the unemployed to drop out of the job market and go on disability so as to lower the official unemployment rate, but like all of his type he’s a Francophile, so don’t be surprised if this nouvelle technique drifts over here.


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3 responses to “Is Paris burning?

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    The French LOVE Obama… From AFAR. If he became their President, They’d hate him.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    There has to be more to this story. The French don’t turn themselves into French Fries over a lack of unemployment benefits. They aren’t Roman Candles. Frog Flambé is not a French dish.

    The Tibetan Monk dudes do this all the time as a form of protest. I understand they are obviously not fans of Chink take out, but this is still a little extreme, I think. But with them it’s a cultural issue that goes back hundreds of years. Not so with the French, who surrender at the first signs of danger.

    So, I can’t believe that a lack of unemployment benefits was the root cause behind this guy making a fricassee out of himself.

    Maybe it dawned on him Jerry Lewis really isn’t a comic genius, and he couldn’t handle that? That I could understand. Maybe he realized mimes really aren’t an art form?

    Most likely, he hadn’t seen a picture of the greatest French beauty of all time, Bridget Bardot,for some time. Now she was spectacular in her day. Have you seen her recently? Talk about not aging well. This might have been the real reason this guy torched himself:

    Plus she is a PETA nut job. But her views on the Slums may not be that off, so she isn’t a total crazy cat lady.

    Your Pal,

  3. Immolating the unemployed would not only make the numbers look better, the energy could be captured to reduce our dependency on foreign. And they’re a renewable resource under Obama.