Lockwood & Mead Valentine’s Day Special!

Happier days in Cos Cob

Happier days in Cos Cob

We here at L&M Realty were shocked to learn that in England,  couples are being forced by the high cost of alternative shelter to stick together despite their deep, unabated hatred for one another, even long past their divorce! We wondered, could that be happening here and if so, what could we do to help?

Well the answer was obvious: tomorrow only, CCF will dust off his law degree and together with Fuducker will offer a Valentine Special: one free divorce, one free listing for the family love nest and two reduced commissions on the purchase of new cabins for each of you. Call now, because as we like to say in this dignified profession, this one won’t last.

UPDATE: Turns out that here in Greenwich 30% of all grooms marrying in town are doing so for the second time. In view of that, and considering the extra burden imposed on alimony-paying hedge feuders, L&M has decided to extend our offer to include a “Trophy Wife Package”: a reduced commission on the purchase of the new Round Hill Road digs for the new little lady and no commission at all on the sale of the former incumbent’s house so she’ll get the hell out of town. And we’ll toss in a box of chocolates for each.


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6 responses to “Lockwood & Mead Valentine’s Day Special!

  1. stedenko

    Aj tries his hand in training a coyote.


  2. Libertarian Advocate

    So, where do you park your law license, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe?

  3. Mickster

    I’m glad to hear that you’re offering a “reduced commission on the purchase of the new Round Hill Road digs” in this package – EVERY buyers agent I know charges ZERO commission to buyers, but hey that’s just the rest of us….card is in the post..lol

    • Mickster, what many buyers agents do is insist on a 50/50 split of the 5% commission collected by the seller’s broker. Were you unaware of this practice, or is it just that kind, Irish heart of yours that likes to give poor hedge funders a leg up when they’re scraping to buy on Round Hill?