Obama: “shovel-ready” jobs to restore the economy


Destiny's child

Destiny’s child

I think last night he used “fix it first” or some such blather, but he’s promising those same shovel ready things he promised $4 trillion dollars ago but never delivered. What’s different this time? Well obviously, it’s different because this time he really, really means it!

But all in all, the man did take a daring, refreshingly new approach to governing, promising to depart from his old policies and turn to a something he hadn’t thought of before: soak the rich and spend a whole bunch more of other people’s money. Innovative, bold and effective. We’re in the best of hands.

Oh yeah – more nursery schools.


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21 responses to “Obama: “shovel-ready” jobs to restore the economy

  1. anon2

    I couldn’t (refused to) watch, but the snippets I’ve seen on TV this morning, it’s apparent Obama had time to Google “synonym: stimulus” and chose “investment.” blah blah blah, shoot me, blah blah blah.

    Anyone see Rubio speak? Fox reported he was nervous and sweaty but he had a good message.

    • I heard Rubio on the radio and he sounded great, so if he appeared nervous on TV, he didn’t sound it. I’ve read that those who listened to the Kennedy/Nixon debates on the radio thought Nixon had won, while TV viewers reached the opposite conclusions. Fortunately for the nation, Rubio’s no Nixon.

  2. anon2

    Just saw Rubio on CBS and Coyote Norah O’Donnell asked him all sorts of stupid questions. He not only held his own, he gave it right back to her. I hear the moment the lib mocking media is focusing on is when Rubio reached out of camera range to grab a bottle of water. When asked about that searing subject this morning, his A+++ response was: “God has a funny way of reminding we are human”..

    I was impressed that CBS led with the Dorner shoot-out and not Obama speech. That’s a giant step for mankind.

    • Of course, before his speech, Rubio votes against the violence against women act to appease the radical right. And many GOP’ers supported it. One step forward, two steps back…

      • Other than its catchy title, Bob, is there anything you feel the “Violence Against Women” act will accomplish? In your world, naming a new law correctly protects it from opposition because to oppose it is to be against such a wonderful thing. The “Motherhood, Apple Pie and Rosy-Cheeked Children” act, for instance, which would have mandated the torture of cats and the drowning of puppies, afforded your type to crush those politicians who had the temerity to stand up for little dogs. All you want is the sound bite: “and Senator Rubinsky voted against Motherhood and Apple Pie!” – you could care less about what’s actually in the law itself. Sort of like LBJ’s telling an aid to spread the rumor that his opponent screwed pigs because “I just wanna see the son of a bitch deny it”.

      • Anonymous

        Rubio was specifically asked about the violence against women act this morning and said he voted against it because of what demands it makes of the state of Florida, the money required to pay for so many things that he feels are pork and waste. Of course he’s NOT in favor of violence FOR Women, you dolt, but all Dems want one bill to fit all and a blanket coverage that others pay willingly. Ain’t gonna happen.

        • Even the ACLU opposed it back in 2005 before feeling the PC heat and recanting in 2007. But as i said, it’s all about getting the title right for these things – do that, and you’ve won the battle regardless of content. “Affordable Health Care” anyone?

  3. cos cobber

    Overheard my dem colleagues yesterday all pissed off about the prospect of another round of tax increases. I was of course laughing. They acted surprised, how naïve.

  4. Al Dente

    I tuned in long enough to cringe when Obama said he wants us to spend less time filling out tax forms. So that’s why he hired thousands of new IRS agents?
    And raising the minimum wage is fun when you don’t have to pay for it. That will guarantee the stupid vote goes Dem for years.

  5. Greenwich Old Timer

    Refused to watch as well; the sight of self-serving, slimy sycophants thronging to touch the hem of the One would have made me lose my dinner. My husband and I will remain in a blissful state of denial until there’s actually something we can do to make a difference.

  6. Funny, it is

    Speech was likely written by a kid from Ridgefield HS. No joke:

    His dad made mega bucks as top exec at AOL and qualifies as part of the 1%.

  7. Atticus

    $9 minimum wage. Youth unemployment will soar.

  8. Peg

    I watched (a glutton for punishment). Amazing how the man can go on and on with lies and misrepresentations flowing from his mouth – yet his delivery is so effortless, timed so well and with such command, that it all sounds like the gospel (unless, of course, you have some familiarity with reality and facts.) The principles in Rubio’s speech were strong and true – yet I thought he was a bit off his game in delivery.

    Of course, as one pundit said, when you are behind a podium with hundreds of people cheering and clapping every 20 seconds – or in a small room by yourself – it makes a difference.

  9. Cobra

    Fact checkers are having a field day with the bulk of Obozo’s fraudulent claims and promises. On the other hand, 3DB’s involuntary expressions of ecstasy must have required him to change his briefs multiple times during the address.

  10. more SMOKE and MIRRORS folks he has not a clue what he is really doing only has a mission to destroy our dollar and our way of life, meanwhile George Sorros waits in the wings to swing in and clean up

  11. another stb 4 me

    saw this on a t-shirt this morning in Houston:
    20 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope; now we have Obama, no Cash and false Hope.

  12. Westchesterer

    Millions of jobs would be created overnight if the government got out of the way. The thugs believe that the government creates jobs. Rational people believe that the governmeny destroys jobs.

  13. stedenko

    Those shovel ready jobs were in fact created; In Afganistan, Iraq, and the federal govenment.

  14. meridenite

    Where’s Joe Wilson when we need him?