Second of the pair goes to contract

35 Shore Rd

35 Shore Rd

35 Shore Road in Old Greenwich reports a contract. (Last) asking price was $2.695; the same house next door, same builder, just sold for about $2.5 so I’d expect that’s what this one is selling for. Neither were unattractive and at this price, a pretty good deal for new construction in OG, even on a busy road like Shore.


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6 responses to “Second of the pair goes to contract

  1. Anonymous

    Both those homes were staged by Stage to Show

  2. Shore Road is really only a problem on summer weekends because of the beach traffic. We used to have to get someone to come out and stop traffic to get out of the driveway on a nice summer Saturday.

    • Well that’s the section of Shore to the west of Sound Beach, Richard, and this is to the east (left at the T). But since you’ve been away, the City of Stamford permitted the development of a very large office complex at the border, a complex that, at least for now, counts Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital as a tenant. Many of the workers who commute there prefer to avoid the worst areas of Stamford and so detour down Tomac Avenue to Shore, then go left and continue to Stamford. Makes for a busy rush hour, twice a day.

      • OG

        This is true. So the quietest section of Shore is between Sound Beach and Tomac.

        • Well, two doors down from the Tomac intersection would indeed have less traffic, true, but I’m not sure that would yield an appreciable decrease in sound. Regardless, Shore Road – or Tomac, is not the friggin’ thruway, for heaven’s sake; it may not be Ledge Road, but it’s still a good street to live on – I’d certainly be okay with living there.