Speaking of fire sales

(Not necessarily representative of actual house)

(Not necessarily representative)

78 Doubling Road, last discussed here in December when ownership switched to a relocation company, reports a contract. Bought new in 2007 for $8.6 million, reduced over time to $6.1, someone is presumably picking this up for around, what – $5.75? Not bad.


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8 responses to “Speaking of fire sales

  1. Helen Keller

    I can’t see the photo. When I touched the screen, the braille that came up said 404 — File not found.

  2. AJ

    The true meaning of reduced over time:
    ‘This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe’


  3. Timing is Everything

    Good looking, clean architecture, very attractive landscaping……a great buy for someone. Could not duplicate that house today for $6million. And, all the kinks and settling cracks are probably remedied.
    I estimate maintenance and tax to cost $200,000++ a year.

    • Anonymous

      how do you come to a figure of $200,000?

      • Timing is Everything

        Tax 40, insurance 10, lawn/snow 30, pool/spa 10, gas/oil/electric/security 30, Water well, Cable/phone/Internet 10, housekeep/window/floor 30, repair/paint/caulk 10,
        Sorry, all I got is $170
        Keeping up with the Jones will fill the void

  4. Helen Keller

    So am I really competely blind that everyone else sees the photo in the box? For me it’s the dreaded blue and green box.

    • Chris R.

      fear not, Helen. were you to click on the link, you would find something, as a whole, decidedly less than the sum of its parts.

  5. anonymous

    Insurance on a $6 mil house only 10 grand? They must not be using Chubb.