Surprisingly, this rarely works


Sunshine, on my shoulders makes me whacky ....

Sunshine, on my shoulders makes me whacky ….

48 Sunshine Avenue, previously priced at $889,000, has raised its price to $899,000.


30 Montgomery

30 Montgomery

The only new listing today, so far, is 30 Montgomery Lane, (click link above for both listings) $2.350 million. I like the street, within reason, and this price is a good spot to be in right now, so I’ll be interested to see the open house tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Surprisingly, this rarely works

  1. D

    amazing – a moderately bad looking something under a mil that doesn’t immediately sell

  2. Anonymous

    Mongomery is a re-list with a different broker

  3. Anonymous

    in just about any other part of the country that sunshine house would be $125 grand, maybe.

    ok that’s hyperbole, but you get the idea.