The King and I

Louis from Chicago“We are citizens” Obama proclaimed last night, and then proceeded to define that term as it is understood by Regressives:

“It’s a word that doesn’t just describe our nationality or legal status,” he said with great vehemence. “It captures the enduring idea that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another and to future generations.”

I’ve been reading McCullough’s biography of John Adams and am reminded again of the incredible bravery of those few subjects of George III who dared to stand in defiance and claim that their lives belonged to them as of right, and not because of the beneficence of some ruler. Obama’s speech last night perfectly exposed the contrast between those who created this country and what it is now.  A nation of revolutionaries has declined to a sorry collection of has-beens, led by this low scum of a president espousing a collective swarm philosophy of central control. Nowhere in his talk did this despicable little man mention an “obligation” to take responsibility for one’s life, to refrain from bringing children into the world if one can’t feed or shelter them, to work for one’s living, to educate oneself, or do anything, in fact, but turn to the government and beg it for succor.

Adams demanded recognition of our individual, inalienable rights of liberty – Obama says we are nothing more than a source of labor, the fruits of which are to be voluntarily handed over to our rulers and redistributed as the Whore of Babylon sees fit. That’s quite a decline in just a couple of hundred years. In fact, it puts us right back where we started from.


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  1. Publius

    Ironically Mr. Fountain, John Adams was much more suspicious of the “rabble” than was Jefferson, however being super well educated (truly educated), having experienced the tyranny of a sovereign and understanding human nature’s inherent flaw as it relates to power and control over others, he resisted his more base tendencies and was part of a group of individuals that with great foresight set the young country on a path to greatness. The beginning of the end was the Progressive movement led ironically by Teddy Roosevelt, expanded by the very bigoted Woodrow Wilson, institutionalized by FDR/Truman and punctuated by also very bigoted LBJ. The current community organizer in chief is placing the nails in the coffin…..

  2. AJ

    Planet of the Apes?
    ‘TSA Breaks World Renowned Cellist’s $20,000 Bow’

    • InfoDiva

      Anyone who has ever seen baggage being tossed into and out of the hold of an airplane would think long and hard about checking anything worth $20K with any airline anywhere in the world. What was this guy thinking?

      • Anthony Fountain

        If he had tried to carry his bow on board the brain-dead TSA louts would have confiscated it as a potential weapon.

      • AJ

        It was in a case meant to protect it in transportation. If the bow was worth twenty thousand, you can just imagine what the cello is worth. I suppose he should have walked cross country to perform, or rented a cello when he got there. Here is a video showing his cello case that uses to protect his intrument as well as the $20,000 bow in action.

      • AJ

        Just how tough is a cello case? Tough enough to survive an onslaught of the KGB as 0:52 of the following video clip illustrates:

  3. Mickster

    “a sorry collection of has-beens, led by this low scum of a president espousing a collective swarm philosophy of central control.” – wow – tell us how you really feel!!

  4. AJ

    Citizens, all?

    …“Our citizens are not — the people in this country are not illegal. They are are out of status. They are new Americans that are immigrants,” Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat, told colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee…

  5. Anonymous

    I think his quote is a good one –

    The problem is that Obummer thinks the “obligation” we have as citizens to to have a handful support the lazy and unwilling rather than for each of us to be productive and contribute to the fullest of our abilities.

  6. shaker

    “Low income families should have easier access to home loans”….What could possibly go wrong???

  7. AJ

    ‘The ruthless State of the Union: the current crime boss speaks’

    …When tonight Obama said the only way to make progress was for us all to work together, he didn’t just mean the Congress. He meant the American people, aka the television audience. But I’ve never understood that idea. What are we all working together to accomplish? What’s the program? Giving away more of our income to the federal government? Agreeing to more surveillance of our movements? Supporting the invasion of more countries? Refraining from photographing the police making arrests? Restricting our Facebook posts to happy faces and rainbows?

    Are we all working together to surrender our guns in exchange for movie tickets and candy? Are we pretending to be overjoyed that the federal government wants to force everyone to get vaccinated and eat GMO food, and take SSRI antidepressants that demonstrably cause people to go crazy and kill others? Is that it?

    Are we somehow working together to print endless amounts of money? Are we working together to push the percentage of Americans collecting free government money from 40 percent to 60 percent? Is that the glorious goal?

    Are we working together to give money to alternative-energy companies so they can go broke and declare bankruptcy? Are we working together to protect and defend the World Trade Organization, so ravenous mega-corporations can export jobs to China and roam the global landscape, raping and pillaging resources and labor? …

  8. Anonymous

    The actual definition of “citizen” has little to do with that sentence. Perhaps he meant “comrade” instead of “citizen”