Gun Control advocates: No one’s talking about confiscation – except our pet Democrats

Girl from the "show me" state

Girl from the show me state. .

Missouri (Missouri!) Democrats introduce gun confiscation legislation: 90 days to surrender once-legal, now-outlawed weapons. Reached for comment, Greenwich Democrat spokescreature Dollar Bill indignantly denied that the democrats were doing any such thing:

“The only ones talking about gun confiscation are the paranoid, ball-sucking, queer-puff Tea Bagger types,” said Bill, “certainly not us Democrats. We’re firm believers in the Second Amendment and would never, ever try to disarm our fellow citizens. We’re only here to help – trust us.”


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20 responses to “Gun Control advocates: No one’s talking about confiscation – except our pet Democrats

  1. Chimney

    No one’s talking about confiscation (yet)- one step at a time

  2. D

    The pictures you find rival the quality of the content!

    As I’ve mentioned before – we need more liberals to show their true intentions so everyone knows that an inch is a mile with these folks. Shame too – it would be nice to have one set of national rules and reciprocity.

  3. Rick

    Aren’t these the same people who bought into, “if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it.”?

  4. RL

    and what a fine little holder of the AK she is ……tisk tisk

  5. Chimney

    re: picture- here’s a perfect example of why we should ban magazines!

  6. Mickster

    I gotta tell you, the more I read about these government SWAT teams, the more I feel the need to buy a gun. The problem is I would have to keep it at your house because my doting wife would end up shooting me some night – and that kinda defeats the purpose…i guess

  7. Hey

    I’ll seize her guns!

  8. Nice pic. Is she really from MO? Thinking about moving….

    They can confiscate my weapons while the jury is deliberating on whether the last 10 rounds I pumped into the perp were excessive or not (as opposed to the first 3 center-mass).

  9. Mickster – a gun safe is for keeping weapons out of ‘unauhorized’ hands – which includes anyone who would want to kill YOU.
    Including your spouse.

  10. sunbeam43

    Minnesota too!

  11. FlyAngler


    First, apologies, I have been off fighting against the CT gun-takers elsewhere.

    Second, anyone interested in this issue has to read the legislative proposal of Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV), the leading gun control advocacy group in CT. This 20-year-old organization says that is seeks “sensible” gun control laws which translate into defacto confiscation by legislative writ.

    You can read their entirety of their demands at the link below. The key and most scary aspect of their proposal, which has already been articulate in proposed bills in Hartford is NO GRANDFATHERING of any items which are currently legal but will become illegal should such a law pass. But quoting their press release:

    “The proposal put forth by CAGV is unique in that it does not grandfather existing weapons; it requires that all weapons defined by law as assault weapons must be destroyed, turned in to law enforcement, or removed from Connecticut; and large capacity ammunition magazines of more than 7 rounds are to be destroyed, turned in to law enforcement, or removed from the state.”

    It must be pointed out that anyone who owns a .22 caliber rifle like the venerable Ruger 10/22 are going to find that even the standard 10-round box magazine for the 10/22 will be made illegal by such a law. Same for any .22 semi-auto rifle that uses 10-round or larger magazines. Own a Buckmark or any other semi-auto .22 pistol, you will suffer as well.

    What CAGV does not describe is the consequences for failure to comply with the above. Assuming that such a law will have teeth, it means police will be put into a position of confiscating any offending items and prosecuting the formerly law-abiding who chose to not comply. No matter what one calls it, this is CONFISCATION pure and simple.

    So while our attention is elsewhere, the leading gun-taking group in CT and their Hartford allies are proposing confiscation here as well.


    Click to access CAGV-Press-Release-1-22-2013.pdf