It just keeps getting (a teensy bit) better

This makes me sad

This makes me sad

Repubs chuck Chuck, Harry, Barry outraged.

UPDATE: A reader suggests that it’s all just a Republican farce, designed so they can look tough to the few remaining Republicans who look to them for leadership, and predicts that they’ll whoop him through next week. This report from the Wall Street Journal makes it clear that he’s right.

As John Cleese said in another context, “It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.”


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9 responses to “It just keeps getting (a teensy bit) better

  1. weakleyhollow

    Many media folk are searching for a previous cabinet nominee as unenthusiastic as Chuckles appears to be. Still lookin’…

  2. anon

    nothing to see here; blah blah it’s all a political puppet show; mccain showing what little might he has left; blah blah hagel will get confirmed.

  3. Anonymous

    doent anyone really think he’s the right person for the job?

    • If “the job” is to weaken the military and embarrass this country then I think everyone believes he’s the right man.

      • TheWizard

        Dick Cheney said as much the other day. Love that guy.
        I finally got around to getting his book. Half way in it’s been well worth it.

      • Peg

        The REALLY sad part is that there are a pile of “progressives” who do indeed wish to weaken the military and who are HORRIBLY embarrassed by our country. So – what’s one more guy piling on?

  4. anon

    there you go, now you understand. blah blah. harry reid calls the filibuster one of the saddest spectacles i have witnessed in the senate. apparently he hasn’t looked at himself in the mirror. but the best line of the day from a tweet:
    Who cares about the silly Hagel thing, Harry? Didn’t Marco Rubio drink any water today?

  5. The Duke of Deception

    Hagel is a bigger moron (the Duke almost typed retard) than Biden. We’re in for it and pretty much helpless now.

    • According to, it is about politics. The GOP does not like Hagel because he supported Obama, and two, he turned on W and wound up against the Iraq War. Which actually shows some GOP’ers are not stupid, to paraphrase Bobby Jindal. That being said, his confirmation hearing was kind of sad. Hey Duke, still proud of your buddies W and Cheney about Iraq??