This’ll buy a lot of bunny suits for Kerry

It's your secret ingredient that did the trick, Lance

It’s your secret ingredients that did the trick, Lance

Warren Buffet will buy Heinz for $23 billion.


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19 responses to “This’ll buy a lot of bunny suits for Kerry

  1. D

    From a financial perspective, I’d be pissed if I were him – he doesn’t need the money and he’s losing out on a perpetual dividend and now has to reinvest a ton of cash at time of general overvaluation.

    Maybe he’ll buy another boat and stash it in Rhode Island. Ass.

  2. Anonymous

    My Euro partners have to change their joke,,,,
    It was
    Who in the world are afraid of Hillary ?
    Only her employees….

    Can you jelp me out with a new JOKE ????

  3. anon2

    I knew Henry John Heinz III well and his untimely death in 1991 was a shock, but no greater shock than to his children when it was determined that his wife Teresa (aka Money Grubber Queen) would manage the Heinz trusts and the Heinz Foundation. I doubt Kerry has any opportunity to get his mitts on this money, other than maybe getting an increase in his allowance from Teresa’s dividend income. Heinz III was like his granddad, a big fiscal conservative. I found this blurb on the Heinz website that I thought appropriate. HJH would roll over in his grave at the deal carved out today.

    “Henry’s parents taught him thrift rather than greed. He knew nothing of “get rich quick” business schemes and couldn’t bear the thought of ill-gotten gain.”

    He obviously didn’t know Teresa!

    • Anonymous

      If he were still alive today, HJH III would have been president, maybe instead of W. Can you imagine First Lady Teresa? I cringe at the thought. But nobody does a worse job as First Lady as Michelle.
      Did you read that Barry is taking a bachelor vacation to Palm Beach this weekend for golf. Rumor is the wife and girls are off to some posh Colorado ski resort. Trouble in paradise?

      • Barry said “he would not rest”, would “work tirelessly” to get the unemployed employed again. As caddies?

        • anon2

          Yesterday Valerie Jarrett was asked by Savannah Guthrie when the last time Obama actually met with the R’s to negotiate. At first she skirted the issue. Imagine that. Then pressed, even more astounding that an NBC anchor would push, Jarrett said Obama was so busy with all his new “investment initiatives”, he couldn’t meet. May he three putt every green. And hook every drive. And lose his balls in the sandtrap. Oh wait, he doesn’t have any balls!

      • I have to mildly disagree with your ranking Chewbacca as worst first lady, a title that objectively must still belong to Hitlery. But, as she so eloquently put it, what difference does it make?

  4. Anonymous

    Goldman Sachs put out a SELL recommendation on Heinz so GS’ prop desk could buy all their client shares on the cheap before the acquisition announcement.

    GS f***s the muppets again. Nice business model for the greedy and amoral.

    • “When you’re sitting around the poker table and you can’t figure out who the chump is, you’re the chump.”

      The buyers will pay $72.50 a share, compared with yesterday’s closing price of $60.48,

  5. Publius

    The haughty French Sec of State inherited his own money from the Forbes family of Boston note. He never earned much himself but he has certainly learned how to spend it

  6. Anonymous

    buffet is the undisputed king of talking his book without appearing like he’s talking his book.