New land listing on Grahampton


(Not necessarily representative)

(Not necessarily representative)

32 Grahampton, 2.5 acres, described (I haven’t seen it yet) as “level, with pond”, $3.7 million. That seems steep for a building lot but depending on exactly how attractive the lot is, it could well be in the ballpark for a site on a good street with such a convenient location. There’s a 1949 house on the place “designed by renowned architect H. Lawrence Coggins” but with all respect to Mr. Coggins, who did indeed design some very attractive homes, there’s usually not much in them that appeals to modern tastes. At least from what I’ve seen of his houses, he was into colonial reproductions, which means low ceilings and small rooms. That’s not to say this one is like that – as noted, I haven’t seen it – but the fact that the property is listed under both residential and land suggests that the broker has her doubts too. Regardless, if you’re looking to build in mid country, this could work for you.


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17 responses to “New land listing on Grahampton

  1. The New Normal

    premium location – perfect site for a big mcmansion

  2. Anonymous

    grahampton is a beautiful street.

  3. Jane

    Please don’t let Mariani buy it. He is ruining the ‘hood.

  4. Anonymous

    Mariani should be run out of town and go back under the rock he crawled out of!!!!!

  5. D

    Meadowcroft Lane has been ruined by the mcmansion types – for sure, but this a great lot and location. Pity the house is in such poor shape. This should be a great example of the little colonials that used to be the norm in this area (before the stone gaudy castles everyone seems to be pissed about).

  6. Chimney

    Grahampton was a great street years ago. As mentioned in a previous post, it is now a major speedway between Lake Ave & North St that is extremely noisy and a dangerous place for young children. The construction trucks, thanks Mr. Mariani’s multiple megacastles on Meadowcroft, are non-ending. Having had family there for many years, I would not even look at a house on Grahampton today.

  7. anonymous

    Sad these old houses being scraped away without much thought of the people and families that lived in them. Trashcan society.

  8. Artie

    I like the house – of course, that’s not what your paying for here.

    As an aside, as someone who is in a house with vaulted ceilings, and which is poorly insulated – I’ve become a fan of lower ceiling heights – why pay to heat something well over my 6’5″ height? As an example, my heating bill for last January and February was over $3000 in a house of under 3000 sq ft. Last Jan & Feb weren’t even very cold!

  9. D

    Pictures are posted! I wouldn’t demo this place… would happily live there. Unfortunately, I’m not in the market for a $2.5M house. Hope the eventual buyer agrees though.

    • iAnon

      I think this home is wonderful, just as it is. What lucky kids who grew up here, the perfect family home. I can almost smell dads pipe in the paneled den, telling the kids to scram. I was surprised is only has 2990 square feet. The home gives the impression of being larger. But I suppose the buyer will tear it down as it needs soup to nuts – new windows, central air, etc etc etc.

  10. Anonymous

    Grahampton is a major cut through and is dangerous for young children.

  11. Anon

    The people who lived there must have been quite old after so long a time.
    This was always my favorite house on Grahampton. Would not touch it it. I think it is a beauty and would be sad to see it knocked down or changed.

  12. Artie

    Price History
    Date Description Price Change $/sqft Source
    09/07/2012 Sold $1 — $0 Public Record

  13. Anonymous

    The house next door to this one was of similar vintage and was marketed as a tear down, but the new owners did a lovely job of restoring it as a modern family home.