Only because he hasn’t thought of everything that offends him yet

No plastic here!

No plastic here!

King Bloomberg: “I’m not banning everything”. Speaking of his latest edict, a ban on “Styrofoam” (he meant polystyrene – Styrofoam is a brand name for insulation, not the deli-take out boxes his Mikeness doesn’t like) the mayor said this:

Styrofoam, or polystyrene, does not degrade with time. It’s just there forever and it’s not good for you and it costs us a lot of money. The stores–most stores–have already gone away from it. This is not asking anybody to do anything that’s really going to hurt anybody. But it’s good for everybody.

Repeat after me, Mike: landfills are anaerobic – without oxygen, and without oxygen, nothing decomposes, not plastic, not paper, not even 100% certified-organic hemp Whole Foods recyclable shopping bags. N-o-t-h-i-n-g (!!!). Banning polystyrene is a feel-good gesture for dullards, period. Sort of like banning “assault rifles”, but never mind.

One good thing about Bloomberg is that he should provide inspiration for school children by demonstrating how anyone, no matter how ignorant, can grow up and get rich. Awesome.


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5 responses to “Only because he hasn’t thought of everything that offends him yet

  1. Publius

    The have actually done research (I am sure with our tax dollars) at the Fresh Kills location and after having drilled down into “the pile” have found just about everything intact. Its like putting the garbage into a hermetically sealed bag. This stuff will be around for anthropologists several hundred years from now.

  2. Rivman

    Maybe its time to create the FWIW Time Capsule at Holly Hill.