Remind me again why this department exists

Department of Agriculture teaches its employees to say, “Pilgrims were illegal aliens”, ” ‘minorities’ are “emerging majorities “.

And this:

“White males founded the USDA! Say ‘Thank you, white males.’ I know it got stuck, some of you couldn’t get it out,” he said to laughter. “I understand. Let’s try that again. Go ahead.”

There’s a war going on here and the country is losing.

Video, courtesy of Daily Caller, Here:

Part 1part 2part 3part 4

UPDATE from Colorado: White students barred from tutoring program. “Emerging majority” indeed.


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12 responses to “Remind me again why this department exists

  1. Anonymous

    It’s too early in the morning and I’m too ADD to watch four videoes that are each 17-18 minutes long. I’ll take your word for it that the country is going to hell. What’s next- these liberals demand banning John Bunyan’s book?

  2. D

    bring on the sequester!

  3. Peg

    If you want something really nuts – read this.

    My favorite paragraph:

    The EEOC’s new regime leaves businesses in a Catch-22. As Todd McCracken of the National Small Business Association recently warned: “State and federal courts will allow potentially devastating tort lawsuits against businesses that hire felons who commit crimes at the workplace or in customers’ homes. Yet the EEOC is threatening to launch lawsuits if they do not hire those same felons.”

  4. Westchesterer

    This type of idiocy only exists due to the inefficiencies of government and the problems those inefficienies cause. It’s not doubtful that many of these opinions arise from liberal college atmospheres where people live in a fairy land and crime doesn’t exist, and wouldn’t, unless people we’re forced to commit crime due to their environment. The only people swayed by the neutering of nature in the nature versus nurture debate are people who should never be subjected to higher education. They recieve their “education” from government backed loans. No private institute would ever have considered lending them money, in a free market, to recieve their “education”, since the institution would soon be bankrupt if they had. Thus the culprit of idiotic opinions and thoughts, naturally, revolves back to the government and “student loans”.

  5. Anonymous

    Remind me again why this department exists:
    – Waste time and money
    – Redistribute
    – Indoctrinate
    – Heckle and annoy the innocent
    – Inflict violent force against the peaceful innocent, e.g. Amish farmers, small organic farmers
    – Provide job security for dumbass bureaucrats

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Check this out. The libtards have launched a petition to stop the Vacationer in Chief from referring to Women as ‘Mothers” and “daughters”!!!

    Pretty soon all adjectives will be banned. Can we just call each other shitheads? Is that politically correct? It is gender neutral, not race specific, doesn’t discriminate against midgets or fat slobs, because they can be shitheads too, right? So I think we are good to go on this. I think it is totally politically correct!! Bulletproof!! As water tight as a frogs ass!! We are all SHITHEADS!!

    What do you think, you lily white bony assed shithead?

    Your Pal,

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    I have it on good authority that DAg has a long history of being a warehouse for those politically mandatory Schedule C appointments whose qualifications for federal employment are, shall we say, dubious.

  8. sunbeam43

    Heard about this! The only one benefitting from this colossally ridiculous action is the 70+ y.o. ass giving the series of propaganda speeches! Doesn’t surprise me that the bonehead is a Harvard alumnus!

  9. None

    Until white people relearn to act in their own interests, instead of self-immolating, the country and western civilization will continue a steady decline. Not PC, but the reality.