Will Ethanol 15 ruin your engine?

Yes it will, and that’s just the beginning of its list of harms.

The new EPA mandated 15% ethanol content for gasoline will ruin your car’s engine and void all warranties before 2012, form a solid goo that will clog fuel injector ports (cars are already stalling in intersections, for instance, and on highway entrance merge lanes – fun!), ruin any small engine: motorcycle, snow blower, lawn mower, jet ski, outboard, you name it, rot out your boat’s fiberglass fuel tanks and coagulate if left in a tank for a couple of months.

Because ethanol absorbs moisture it must be transported in separate pipelines, thus causing fuel shortages and raising the cost of gasoline.

Because 40% of all US corn production is devoted to ethanol food prices are rising worldwide, causing poor people to go hungry. There’s more to the list, but let’s look at all the good things ethanol does: Nothing.

It does not make the air cleaner.

It does not save fuel – its production consumes more energy than it yields.

It does not promote energy independence.

So why are we required to buy it and why has the EPA now demanded we ruin our entire motorized society to use it? Because Iowa farmers grow corn and Iowa has an early presidential primary. The failure of our politicians, Republican and Democrat alike, to stop this mandate says all we need to know about politics and the governance of America. Forget the big issues, this is more immediately depressing.


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9 responses to “Will Ethanol 15 ruin your engine?

  1. File under, “government of self interested pigs and morons”. The cabinet is getting rather full.

  2. kc

    Sometimes I have the feeling that the environmental lobby won’t feel true vindication until the little people are sitting on a tree branch, cold and hungry, wearing a plastic grocery bag while watching the local herbalist stir another batch of medicinal gruel.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    This has nothing to do with an early Iowa Presidential election. It is all part of a much, much more pervasive Master Plan, that “they” want kept secret. It’s a mystery! It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! That’s why you don’t see it. You don’t have the grey matter to figure it out. You dummy. Luckily you have me!!

    So here is the deal. Global Warming, or the now the more PC “Climate Change”, gun control, TSA, political correctness, diversity but everyone is the same, you don’t pay your fair share, class warfare, wealth redistribution, limits on free speech, reducing your carbon footprint (whatever that means), the EPA and it’s rules, Homeland Security, and on and on, are all part of the Master Plan. To subvert American superiority. To dumb America down. Don’t aspire to greatness, head towards mediocrity. Depend on the government for all your needs. THEN THEY CONTROL YOU!!!

    We are talking “New World Order” here Dude. Lizard People. They have already set the table that legal law abiding citizens will be turned into criminals when they don’t voluntarily turn over their guns. And they did it by the stroke of a pen!! Led by George Soros, a faux shape shifting JOOOO!!

    Look at this Dorner dude. The ex LA crazy cop. Now he was a nut job for sure, but what happened with due process? The LA paramilitary decided he would never get out alive. And he was well armed!! What chance will we all stand with just our peckers in our hands? In your case, hand.

    Why am I wasting this manifesto on you? You will never see the big picture. Where is AJ? AJ? He will understand where I am coming from.

    Have you ever heard of Soylent Green Dude?

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      And the gun control is taking its toll faster than you can say shithead. Colorado just passed a 15 round max. The huge manufacturer Magpul in Boulder said it will now leave Colorado. Wyoming and Texas have both already said c’mon down. Also, the big Remington plant in NY is in jeopardy of closing because of asshat Cuomo’s safe act. Do Dems not give a shit about jobs???

  4. TheWizard

    I’m thinking our only chance may be to implode this baby, pick up the pieces, and start over. There’s nobody, or very few, in Washington who are serious about making this country work.
    They are corrupt, and none shall save them.

  5. armonk

    The president is selected as nominee in Iowa and elected in Florida and Ohio. NY, CT, NJ have almost nothing to do with the process.

  6. Atticus

    Actually, my old Honda just had its fuel system destroyed by the stuff. And because of “splash blending” and the surplus of ethanol, you might got alot more than 10%:

    Splash blending can put too much ethanol in your fuel tank/b>
    …Randy Ledbetter, shop foreman at a General Motors dealership, knows that anything from a bad spark plug to a failing fuel injector can cause engine problems. But he’s discovering another culprit: too much ethanol.

    He’s seen that problem surge this year at Dale Willey Automotive in Lawrence. Even the service manager, complaining of a dip in mileage, found 20 percent ethanol sloshing around in his car’s fuel tank. That’s double the legal limit but about the average in more than two dozen vehicles the shop has worked on. One customer had 35 percent ethanol.

    “It’s getting worse and worse,” Ledbetter said.

    Indeed, U.S. motorists have become unwitting players in a game of biofuel roulette.

    And when they end up pumping too much ethanol into their tanks, they can likely blame something called splash blending.

    It’s a popular method for blending ethanol into fuel. But critics say splash blending is prone to inaccuracy — and vulnerable to manipulation when ethanol becomes cheaper than conventional gasoline, as it has been this year. That makes it enticing to pack more ethanol into a gallon of gasoline and pocket some extra profits.

    “There is a temptation,” said Cal Hodges, a chemical engineer and former employee of Amoco Oil who now is a petroleum consultant.

    Adding extra ethanol to a wholesale delivery can save hundreds of dollars, he said….