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I have a friend who got rich doing something similar in Nantucket

And send the bill to me!

And send the bill to me!

Sounds like the start of a bad limerick, but really – he delivered cigarettes and booze to ships in the harbor and went on from there. He might have gotten richer quicker had he thought of this, though: college student rakes in the dough with emergency deliveries of condoms on campus.

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When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

Idiots at play

Idiots at play

Elderly couple Two young whippersnappers pulled over by SWAT cops and told to remove Ohio Buckeye decal from bumper because someone else might be as stupid as the cops and think it was a depiction of a marijuana plant

Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, 65, and her husband were driving home to Plano, Texas from Columbus after attending her mother-in-law’s funeral when a pair of black police SUV’s stopped the couple a few miles outside of Memphis.

“Knowing I wasn’t speeding, I couldn’t imagine why,” Jonas-Boggioni told the Columbus Dispatch. “They were very serious. They had the body armor and the guns.”

On the back of Jonas-Boggioni’s car was a Buckeye leaf decal, similar to the one players’ have on their helmets, and cops mistakenly thought it was marijuana leaf.

Yes, really.

“What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?” one of the cops asked Jonas-Boggioni.

After trying to explain that the sticker was not a marijuana leaf and that she and her husband were not trafficking drugs cross-country, the police advised Jonas-Boggioni to remove the sticker as to not cause any more confusion.

“I didn’t take it off,” Jonas-Boggioni told the paper. “This little old lady is no drug dealer.”


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From around the web

It isn’t by accident or mistake



February 16, 2013 · 6:05 pm

Too good to leave buried as a link in the comments

A reader sends along this:

Diane Feinstein's granddaughter?

Diane Feinstein’s granddaughter?


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To the AP, scary-looking guns are “assault rifles”, so why not this?

Hunt for WWII Spitfire “fighter jets” fails.

Well give them this much: both planes do carry real machine guns.

Propeller driven "jet fighter"

Propeller driven “jet fighter”




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High Capacity Magazines

Illegal, top, legal, bottom

Illegal, top, legal, bottom

While I had my camera out, I thought I’d show readers unfamiliar with the issue what a “high capacity” magazine looks like compared to a seven-round one. The seven round is (still) legal in New York, the ten round one is not. Connecticut lawmakers want to follow suit.

Which is the high capacity magazine in the picture to the left? The one next to the smaller .22 cartridge. The perfectly-legal seven rounder below it is for the .45. A bullet from either could kill you, theoretically, but does limiting the size of the magazine make you safer? I think not.


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Do you remember when they said they weren’t interested in confiscating all guns?

Ruger Mark III with its standard 10-round  "high capacity" magazine (.45 cartridge shown for comparison)

Ruger Mark III .22LR with its standard 10-round “high capacity” magazine (.45 cartridge shown for comparison)

The President of the United States said so just yesterday and of course a couple of FWIW readers have chimed in here vowing the same thing, repeatedly – who, us? Thursday, the Connecticut Action Against Gun Violence (CAGV)  demonstrated in Hartford demanding adoption of their agenda and, thanks to Fly Angler, here’s what’s being proposed, from their own press release:

The proposal put forth by CAGV is unique in that it does not grandfather existing weapons; it requires that all weapons defined by law as assault weapons must be destroyed, turned in to law enforcement, or removed from Connecticut; and large capacity ammunition magazines of more than 7 rounds are to be destroyed, turned in to law enforcement, or removed from the state.

Connecticut Against Gun Violence proposes legislation in Connecticut that will:

  1. 1  Strengthen the assault weapons ban by requiring that all weapons having military features be banned and that existing weapons defined as assault weapons be destroyed, turned in to law enforcement or removed from the state.
  2. Ban large capacity ammunition magazines of more than 7 rounds and that existing magazines of more than 7 rounds be destroyed, turned in to law enforcement, or removed from the state. New York State has just adopted law that established the 7- round limit.
  3. Require permits and universal background checks on ALL sales and transfers of guns, including long guns.
  4. Require registration of handguns with annual renewal. Require: annual fee and annual background check for all handguns owned; require that the owner stipulate that the guns are still in their possession or explain how the gun was transferred to another person; require safety inspection every three years.
  5. Make gun owners liable for negligent storage if any person gains access to firearms and injures himself or another person or causes damage to property. The violation would be a Class D felony.
  6.   Ban the right of way for transportation of firearms and ammunition bought over the Internet.
  7. Tax ammunition sales and require a license/permit to purchase any gun or ammunition.
  8. Restrict handgun sales to one gun/month.
  1. These aren’t all going to be enacted in this current legislative session, I hope, but it’s useful to see what they have planned. As I’ve said before, the regressives are patient and will be satisfied with small steps as long as they keep moving toward their ultimate goal. Even these proposals, in fact, are merely a prelude to complete confiscation and the disarming of citizens. ObamaKare-to-national health care is another example, but the best example, because it shows how long range the regressive’s planning extends, is the destruction of our education system – Outcome Based Education, with its group indoctrination, disparagement of individual achievement and the systematic attack on our constitution and the values our country were founded on started decades ago and is only now reaching fruition as its first kindergarten targets have grown up and become teachers themselves, thus assuring that the brainwashing continues.


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Darwinism will cure this, government meddlers need not apply

The texter of our times or, one less breeder (sometimes it's tough to choose best caption0

“The texter of our times” or, “one less breeder” (sometimes it’s tough to choose between captions)

Town bans pedestrians from texting while crossing the street.


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So a drunk goes into a bar …

Valentine's Day Punch

Valentine’s Day Punch

His request to be rehired denied, (former) bartender punches manager in the face, and leaves. The man obviously could benefit from some “OPC”, but whether that’s out-patient or out-placement counseling is a decision best left to him.

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The way the (new) world works

School days

School days

There’s a little pedestrian bridge in Cos Cob, built decades ago and still used today by kids and parents to cross a small creek to get to the school. Still used, that is, until recently, when a mommy complained to the authorities that the bridge was too narrow “and could get slippery”. The town, as is its wont, shut it down.

I don’t know which is more annoying, the town’s reaction, when the proper response would have been, “lady, you think the bridge is dangerous, don’t use it”, or the mommy herself who, observing a “put your eye out” hazard, insisted that no one use it.

To me, it’s the same crazed, interfering thinking that sees bans on Happy Meals because some parents don’t want their kids eating them and, rather than just avoid feeding their precious tots chicken nuggets, demand that the chain stop giving them out to anyone else.

And seat belts and bicycle helmets and sledding and jungle gyms – and and and. When did we turn into a nation of such whiny cowards, and when did we give the whimps complete power over the rest of us?


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