Darwinism will cure this, government meddlers need not apply

The texter of our times or, one less breeder (sometimes it's tough to choose best caption0

“The texter of our times” or, “one less breeder” (sometimes it’s tough to choose between captions)

Town bans pedestrians from texting while crossing the street.


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6 responses to “Darwinism will cure this, government meddlers need not apply

  1. Anonymous

    So who gets arrested first when the pedestrian is hit by a driver who was texting?

  2. do we have any freedoms left

    maybe that person was reading an article called

    how to cross the street using two feet

    will the govt pass a law instructing us how to wipe our ass

    smart govt for sure

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    I think we need federal laws covering all of this stuff. It should be under the purview of the Department of Terminal Stupidity aka “DOTS”. The amount of government protection we need against our own stupidity is LIMITLESS!! DOTS will require TRILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer funding to prevent us all from using common sense. It is a libtards wet dream!!

    You want examples? OK than!!
    Why do screwdrivers still not have a warning label telling us not to use them as rectal thermometers?

    Why does White Castle not put “CAUTION!! DISPOSE OF HAMBURGER BEFORE EATING THIS BOX” on their packaging?

    Why does your car gas tank not have a sign telling you not to use it as an ashtray? Probably easier to just ban smoking, I guess.

    Why don’t they tell you to stuff gerbils up your ass head first, and not sideways? Not you, I know you already know that. A normal person, I mean. This would have helped Richard Gere avoid some unnecessary embarrassment.

    People need to be instructed not to use brillo pads to clear up acne. Who knew draino wouldn’t help constipation? It unclogs pipes, so how are we supposed to know? Someone needs to tell us!!

    Do you know how many people stick metal forks in toasters? Use crazy glue as eye drops? Get tampons stuck up their nose? The most innocent things can harm us, so we must be warned and protected. That is where DOTS comes in.

    Brunch today?
    Your Pal,

  4. Al Dente

    Laugh if you wish, but a new law will prevent carnage like this: